Buy a Menstrual Cup South Korea

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Get a Diva Cup in South Korea

Buy a Menstrual Cup South Korea

It can be quite difficult to find menstrual cups, including the Diva Cup if you live in South Korea because although Amazon does ship to Korea, it’s not always simple or easy to get packages through customs. An excellent solution is to buy a menstrual cup from Iherb, which offers free or cheap shipping on most orders. The package usually arrives within a week.

You can get $5-10 off their already reasonable prices if you use one of these links for your first order:

Diva Cup Size 2

Diva Cup Size 1

Iherb is by far the best way to get menstrual cups in South Korea. And, don’t forget to stock up on cosmetics and health food while you’re ordering. You’ll usually get free shipping with orders over $40. It really is an excellent deal and almost all expats in South Korea order from Iherb on a regular basis.