Cheap Menstrual Cups: Are they a Good Buy?


Should I Buy a Cheap Menstrual Cup?

A common question that many women have is whether or not cheap menstrual cups are a good buy. Some of the older, more established menstrual cups such as the Moon Cup, Diva Cup or Lunette Cup can be up in the $30+ range. These menstrual cups are made in the UK, Canada, and Finland respectively.

However, for ladies on a very limited budget, this can be too much money, especially considering that you see menstrual cups on Amazon or Ebay for $5-10, such as the Hengsong Cup or the Vida Cup. But, are these cheap menstrual cups a good buy? Let’s talk about that here.

Menstrual Cup Materials:

The best menstrual cups are made from top-quality medical-grade silicone. This is part of the reason why the best menstrual cups brands are up in the $30+ range-the materials they use simply cost more. The older, established companies source their materials carefully. You’ll notice that the more expensive menstrual cups have no strong smell to them when they arrive at your house. This is because of the higher quality of materials used.

However, the cheap menstrual cups skimp on this part of it. They may indeed use medical grade silicone, but it certainly won’t be the top-quality stuff that will last for years. In some cases, it’s unclear whether or not it’s medical grade. You’ll notice that the cheapest menstrual cups often have a very strong chemical smell to them. This is due to using such cheap, low-quality materials. For something that you insert into your body, it’s not a great risk to take. Plus, durability will be an issue as well and you’ll likely find that you have to replace your cheap menstrual cup sooner than you want to.

Manufacturing Country:

The Lena Cup
The Lena Cup

The most expensive menstrual cups are manufactured in the Western World. See: North American Made Menstrual Cups + European Made Menstrual Cups. This is because they usually use the best-quality materials as well as pay their employees a living wage. However, the benefit of this is that you know exactly what you’re getting. In this case, it’s a product that is 100% safe to use.  These days, there are a few cheaper, but still high-quality menstrual cups coming out of the USA including the Lena Cup and the Anigan Evacup.

The cheapest menstrual cups are often manufactured in China. Resellers source products through Alibaba, ship them to the Amazon warehouse, put up a description and a few pictures on Amazon and then sell to you! They often have no vested interest in women’s health, nor in selling a top-quality product at a fair price.

Period Cup Product Reviews and Fit:

The more expensive menstrual cups have been around a long time, which means that they have a lot of product reviews. In some cases, 500 or more. This gives you a very accurate portrayal of the strengths and weaknesses of that period cup.

The cheap menstrual cups have only come onto the market very recently and have one of two problems:

  • No reviews
  • Lots of review, but most are bought/faked (too over the top)

It’s hard to tell whether or not the cheaper menstrual cups are good, or not because of the lack of real reviews. My advice is to always wait another year or two until some real reviews come up and then you’ll be able to make a more informed decision. It’s simply too early to tell right now.

What’s Included:

With the more expensive menstrual cups, you’ll get a complete set of instructions for insertion and removal, tips for cleaning and also a cloth storage bag. It’ll come in a nice box too. It’s entirely suitable for giving as a gift to somebody.

I’ve read reviews about some of the cheap menstrual cups where the cup came, by itself, in a vacuum packed bag. That was it! No instructions, no box, no storage bag.

Ethical Concerns for the Cheapest Menstrual Cups:

Moon Cup Menstrual CupI personally like to support companies who put money into research about women’s health. Companies like Moon Cup and Diva Cup are leading the way in researching about feminine hygiene and they actively advocate for women. They have spent countless hours researching about what the best shape and design is for their period cups.

The more expensive menstrual cups are also manufactured in the Western world, which means a living wage and fair treatment for the workers. I personally like to support companies like this as well.

The cheap menstrual cups made in China? You could say none of these things for them.

Cheap Menstrual Cups: Are They Worth It?

My short answer is no, cheap menstrual are most certainly not worth it. The deciding factor for me is most definitely my health! A menstrual cup is something that you insert into your body. I certainly wouldn’t take this kind of risk with one of the cheap period cups. Think about it this way: Even if you spend $30 on a menstrual cup, you’ll end up saving that money in less six months because you’re not buying pads and tampons. In the medium to long-term, you’re saving money so a little bit more on the initial outlay really isn’t so bad.

The Top Menstrual Cup Brands:

diva cup
The Diva Cup

If you’re looking to buy a menstrual cup, don’t go for the cheapest one you find on Amazon. Instead, consider any of the following top menstrual cup brands. They are made from the highest-quality medical grade silicone by companies who stand behind their products. It’ll be money well spent!

Top 10 Menstrual Cup Brands


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