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If you live in Australia and want to buy a reusable menstrual cup like the Diva Cup or Moon cup, an excellent choice is Iherb, which is an American health company with extremely fast, cheap and reliable shipping. Prices are extremely competitive at around $30 per menstrual cup and are often cheaper than what you can find locally here in Australia. You can even get additional discounts for buying multiples of the same product.

Shipping is $4 USD for orders up to 10 pounds and over $40–it will take 5-15 days to arrive, depending mostly on customs in Australia. Tracking is available, so you can order, worry free.

If you click one of the links below for your first Iherb order, you’ll be able to get $5-10 off, depending on your order size. Don’t forget to keep shopping too–Iherb has an amazing selection of beauty, pet and health food products (and some junk food too!).

Buy The Diva Cup on Iherb Now

Get the Moon Cup on Iherb

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