Menstrual Cups- Canada

Menstrual Cups Canada

Menstrual Cups Canada

You’ve probably found your way to this page because you’re a Canadian who wants to buy a menstrual cup. Congratulations! You’re joining anĀ enlightened group of people who are doing their part for the environment and their health, not to mention saving money at the same time. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Keep on reading for all the details about where you can buy a menstrual cup in Canada.

p.s. It’s advice you can trust-the owner of this website, Jackie Bolen is a proud Canuck!

Start with Amazon Canada

If you’re looking to buy a menstrual cup in Canada, the obvious place to start is Amazon Canada. They have by far the biggest selection of any of the online retailers, shipping is most often free and it will arrive within a week plus you won’t have to deal with any customs fees if you were to ship something from the USA through Amazon or another retailer.

Even these days, not all pharmacies or big box stores carry menstrual cups. Crazy, isn’t it? But, it’s just reality. That’s why we love shopping online! It’s so easy and selection is limitless. Get the exact size and brand of menstrual cup that you want, delivered straight to your doro.

You can head on over to Amazon and check out some menstrual cups for yourself today:

Popular Menstrual Cup Brands for Canadians

Some of the most popular brands of period cups for Canadians include the Diva Cup and the Anigan Evacup.

Menstrual Cups Canada: The Diva Cup

The Diva Cup– The most popular brand of menstrual cup in the world, the Diva Cup is often synonymous with the term “menstrual cup.” It also just happens to be a Canadian company, so if you like to shop local, you couldn’t go wrong with this one.

The Diva Cup company is known for being strong advocates of female health. The best thing is that DivaCups are made from the highest quality medical grade silicone, according to the highest quality standards. Their customer service is known to be excellent as well, so give them a call if you have a question or need some assistance with your Diva Cup.

The Diva Cup is the menstrual cup to which all others are compared and for good reason! They offer a top-quality product at an extremely reasonable price. We love that here and we’re sure you will too. Although the Diva Cup is a few bucks more expensive than some of the other ones out there, particularly the cheap menstrual cups from China, it’s worth it. The cheap cups are usually very flimsy, and poorly made. This means that they won’t pop into place easily and it’ll be very difficult to get them to suction to your vaginal wall. The result will be leaking, and lots of it! It’s far better to spend your hard-earned money on a top-quality menstrual cup.

Get the Diva Cup on Amazon Canada:

Menstrual Cups Canada: The Anigan EvaCup

The Anigan EvaCup– This is an economical option for period cup out of the USA that comes in a nice variety of colours, unlike the Diva Cup which comes in only one-clear/white. It’s an excellent choice and has some of the highest ratings on Amazon for menstrual cups. The Anigan EvaCup is quite new and only came onto the market in recent years, but it will likely become more and more popular as the years go by. It’s one of our top-rated menstrual cups here at this website and most people seem to really love it. It’s easy to insert, and remove and has a nice medium-level stiffness to it. Once inserted, it doesn’t seem to leak like many of the other menstrual cups on the market.

Unlike some of the other international menstrual cups out of the USA and around the world, it’s readily available on Amazon Canada.

You can Get the EvaCup on Amazon Canada:

Menstrual Cups Canada: Consider Iherb

Another great option for Canadians looking to buy a menstrual cup is Iherb, which is a Californian health and wellness online retailer. They have an astounding array of health and organic food, but sell menstrual cups like the Diva Cup and the Moon Cup also. Shipping is only a few bucks and your order will arrive via Canada Post within a week or two. There are more expensive options with tracking as well. I put in an order on Iherb at least once a month! They really do have a great selection of health food products for very decent prices.

Check out menstrual cups on Iherb for yourself. We think you’ll be as happy with Iherb as we are!

We hope that answered all your questions about Menstrual Cups Canada! Happy cupping, our Canuck friends.