Menstrual Cups USA: Where to Buy

Where to Buy the Diva Cup and  other Menstrual Cups USA

Amazon: a Massive Selection

The place to buy The DivaCup and other menstrual cups like the MoonCup is on Amazon because they have such a massive selection. Prices are very competitive for this Diva Cup Model 1 (pre-childbirth), shipping is often free if you order it along with other things too. The best part is that your package will usually arrive within a few days.

Check out the Diva Cup for yourself on Amazon USA. There are a ton of great reviews and most people who try the Diva Cup seem to love it:

Menstrual Cups USA: Low Cervix Cups

Or, if you have a short vaginal canal and are having a hard time finding a menstrual cup that will work for you, you can get the FemmyCycle low cervix model. This will be impossible to find it in drugstores because it’s manufactured in Sweden and not so readily available in the USA.

The big benefit is that this cup is much shorter than regular menstrual cups and you’ll find it a lot more comfortable. No more stem sticking out! Plus, the company calls it “leakproof” and in our experience, this is actually true.

Get this popular low cervix menstrual cup on Amazon today:

Menstrual Cups USA: High Capacity Cups

Maybe you have a heavy period and are looking for a large capacity cup? It can be difficult to find a period cup that will work for you on local drugstore shelves. However, you have a myriad of choices on Amazon. The large capacity menstrual cup that we recommend is the Anigan Evacup. It’s made in the USA from top-quality materials, according to strict manufacturing standards. The best part is that it’s a bit cheaper than many of the other popular brands of menstrual cups today.

Check out the Anigan EvaCup on Amazon today:

Iherb: Cheaper than Amazon

Another place for Americans to buy the Diva Cup is Iherb, which is a health-food online retailer, but they also carry many health related products. Shipping is extremely fast and usually free. While the Diva Cup is $32.53 on Iherb, if you order through this link, you can get $5-10 off your first order, depending on whether or not you buy other products along with it, so it’s actually cheaper than Amazon.

If you’re into healthy living or organic products, this site has it all! Shipping is usually free within the USA so have a look around and stock up on health food, supplements, vitamins, or beauty supplies at the same time.

Check out the Diva Cup or the Moon Cup on Iherb today:

The MoonCup: Free Shipping to the USA

The Mooncup is a popular menstrual cup manufactured in the UK and many women report that it is easier to clean than the Diva Cup. Check out the Mooncup’s pros and cons. If you’re looking to get this specific brand, a good choice is directly from their website. Shipping is free and it should take around 2 weeks for your package to arrive.

Check out the MoonCup today:

Menstrual Cups USA: Good News!

The takeaway is that if you live in the USA, you have a ton of choices for menstrual cups, so get on Amazon, Iherb, or MoonCup’s website and browse away. Menstrual Cups USA- So many choices for where to buy them!

Not Sure Which Period Cup is Right for you?

If you’re trying to figure out which period cup will work for you, start in these two places:

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