Anigan Evacup vs. Lunette Cup

Anigan Evacup vs. Lunette Cup: Overview

The Lunette Menstrual Cup

The Lunette Cup and the Anigan Evacup are among the most popular menstrual cup brands in the world. The Lunette Cup, manufactured in Finland is one of the highest rated menstrual cups and for good reason: it’s a very high-quality product that almost all women are very happy with it. The only negative reviews are about menstrual cups in general and are not about the Lunette Menstrual cup specifically.

On the other hand, the Anigan Evacup is an up and comer but it’s fast becoming a popular option. It’s made in the USA, and is a much cheaper alternative to the more established Moon Cup, Diva Cup and Lunette Cup. Like the more expensive cups, it’s made from the highest quality medical grade silicone and it’s a product that you can feel safe using.

Both cups come in two sizes: Small and Large. The Anigan Evacup comes in a variety of colors, while the Lunette Cup comes in only one color.

Anigan Evacup vs. Lunette Cup: Design

Anigan Evacup Menstrual Cup

In terms of design, the Lunette Cup and the Anigan Evacup are quite similar, with the major difference being the length of the stem. The Lunette Cup has a much longer one, resulting in an overall difference of about 5 mm for both the small and larges. This can make it a bit better choice for beginners since it will be easier to remove.

The Anigan Evacup large has a very high capacity of 37 ml, one of of the biggest cups available. This can make it an excellent choice for those women who have heavy periods.

Anigan Evacup vs. Lunette Cup: Comparison Chart

RatingPriceCapacityDiameterLengthFull Review
Anigan (s)4.42 for $3030 ml43 mm62 nnAnigan Review
Anigan (l)4.42 for $3037 ml46 mm67 mmAnigan Review
Lunette (s)4.6$4025 ml41 mm66 mmLunette Review
Lunette (l)4.6$4030 ml45 mm72 mmLunette Review

Anigan Evacup vs. Lunette Cup: Which one is Right for You?

If you’re looking for a high-quality cup, you really couldn’t go wrong with either of these period cups. They’re both made by reputable companies from the highest quality medical grade silicone. The Lunette cup is much more expensive while the Anigan Evacup (package of two) comes in much cheaper. Nobody really needs two menstrual cups, so if you find someone to share the package with, the Anigan Evacup is a much better deal for an almost similar product.

If you have a heavy period, the large size of the Anigan Evacup with a capacity of 37 ml can make an excellent choice for you. See: Heavy Period? Use a Menstrual Cup for more details.

Anigan Evacup + Lunette Cup: Where to Buy

The best place to buy menstrual cups is on Amazon. There is a huge variety to choose from and the prices are often cheaper than in the stores. Click the links below to buy a menstrual cup on Amazon today:

Anigan Evacup (Small) 

Anigan Evacup (Large)

Lunette Cup (Small)

Lunette Cup (Large)

Anigan Evacup + Lunette Cup: More Details

For the full reviews of these two popular menstrual cups, please see the following:

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