Blossom Cup vs. Moon Cup

Blossom Cup vs. Moon Cup: Overview

The Blossom Cup

The Blossom Cup and the Moon Cup are two popular menstrual cups widely available around the world. They are both made from the highest quality medical grade silicone but the Moon Cup is manufactured in the UK (see: European Made Menstrual Cups) and the Blossom Cup is made in the USA (see: Made in the USA Menstrual Cups).

The main difference in these two period cups is that Moon Cup is an old, established company and one of the most reputable ones in the entire industry (along with the popular Diva Cup out of Canada), while the Blossom Cup is a very, very new product and there isn’t much information about it.

It’s not that the Blossom Cup is necessarily a low-quality product, especially considering it’s manufactured in the USA but there is a lack of real information available. However, one distinct advantage of the Blossom Cup over the Moon Cup is price: the Blossom Cup is about 1/2 the price of the Moon Cup.

Blossom Cup vs. Moon Cup: Design


In terms of design, the Moon Cup and the Blossom Cup are very similar. Both menstrual cups comes in two sizes: Small (pre-childbirth) and Large (post-vaginal birth). The capacities and rim diameters are very similar, as is the shape. The Blossom Cup is shorter  (63/65mm) compared to the Moon Cup (71/71mm).

The Moon Cup comes in only one color, clear while the Blossom Cup has eight nice-looking colors to choose from. Take your pick!

Blossom Cup vs. Moon Cup: Comparison Chart

Check out this menstrual cup comparison chart for the head-to-head.

Blossom Cup vs. Moon Cup: Which One to Choose?

I personally prefer proven products with a long track record and will almost always choose this over an up and comer. If you’re like me, The Moon Cup is by far the best choice. They’ve been around for years and have a well-deserved excellent reputation. The only real negative is the price. At around $30, it’s one of the more expensive menstrual cups on the market. However, for a first menstrual cup, or as an alternative the Diva Cup, it makes an excellent choice.

If you’re looking for a cheaper cup, the lack of information about the Blossom Cup doesn’t make it the best option. In a couple years time (2016/2017), it may be worth considering because there will be a higher volume of real reviews on Amazon.

If you’re looking for a cheaper period cup, consider the Anigan Evacup or Lena Cup instead. Priced at under $25, both these menstrual cups are made in the USA and have a bit more of a proven track record. Most women who use them seem very happy.

Blossom Cup + Moon Cup: Where to Buy

If you’re in Europe, the best place to get the MoonCup is directly from their website. Shipping is free and will take around two weeks.

If you’re not in Europe, Amazon will be your best option:

MoonCup on Amazon

Blossom Cup on Amazon

Blossom Cup + Moon Cup Reviews

For the full review of these two menstrual cups, please check out the links below:

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