Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart

Welcome to the menstrual cup comparison chart that will help you choose the right menstrual cup for your body. Be sure to click on the green plus sign to see more details including the rating on Amazon, a special note about each one, as well as a link to see the review.

Clicking on the name will take you to Amazon where you can get the menstrual cup that’s going to change the way you do periods, forever. Are you ready to get yourself the most awesome thing since sliced bread?

Have a look at the Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart:

NameMadeCapacityDiameterLengthWho ForRating (/5)Price (USA)NotesMore Info
Aiwo Menstrual CupChina25 ml42 mm79 mmOne size3.2$20Fake reviews?Review
Anigan Evacup 1USA30 ml43 mm62 mmPre4.42 for $30USA made.Review
Anigan Evacup 2USA37 ml46 mm67 mmPost4.42 for $30USA made.Review
Athena Cup SChina (?)20 ml4262 mmPre4.7$20Fake Amazon reviews?Review
Athena Cup LChina (?)25 ml4565Post4.7$20Fake Amazon reviews?Review
Blossom SUSA20 ml42 mm62 mmPre4.4$178 colorsReview
Blossom LUSA25 ml45 mm65 mmPost4.4$178 colorsReview
BodyBay SChina25 ml43 mm50 mmPre5.0$5-6Fake Amazon reviews-low qualityReview
BodyBay LChina30 ml46 mm50 mmPost5.0$5-6Fake Amazon reviews-low qualityReview
Cleo Cup SChina30 ml43 mm73 mmPre4.5$19Australian companyReview
Cleo Cup LChina30 ml46 mm76 mmPost4.5$19Australian companyReview
Diva Cup 1Canada30 ml41 mm70 mmPre4.4$28-30Recommended! Most popular cup.Review
Diva Cup 2Canada30 ml45 mm70 mmPost4.4$28-30Recommended! Most popular cup.Review
Dutchess BChina20 ml42 mm60 mmPre4.52 for $282 for $30.Review
Dutchess AChina25 ml47 mm65 mmPost4.52 for $282 for $30.Review
FemmeCupUK30 ml45 mm60 mmPre + Post4.2$80Only 1 size.Review
FemmyCycle Low CervixSweden30 ml36 mm50 mmLow cervix4.2$39The shortest one available.Review
FleurCup SFrance25 ml41 mm47 mmUnder 304.3$16Economical, made in EuropeReview
FleurCup LFrance35 ml46 mm52 mmOver 304.3$16Economical, made in EuropeReview
HengsongChina???Only 1 size3.9$4Not recommendedReview
Iris Cup SmallSpain15 ml40 mm65 mmUnder 254.5$18One of the cheapest ones at $18.Review
Iris Cup LargeSpain20 ml30 mm65 mmOver 254.5$18One of the cheapest ones at $18.Review
Keeper AUSA20 ml45 mm79 mmPre4.1$25Made from Latex instead of silicone.Review
Leasen SChina25 ml40 mm75 mmUnder 253.7$9Poor quality.Review
Leasen LChina30 ml45 mm80 mmOver 253.7$9Poor quality.Review
Lena SmallUSA25 ml41 mm71 mmNormal flow4.7$25#1 pick-cheap, made in USA, high rating.Review
Lena LargeUSA30 ml45 mm71 mmHeavy flow4.7$25#1 pick-cheap, made in USA, high rating.Review
Lily Cup SSweden28 ml40 mm78 mmPre3.9$40Expensive, low ratingsReview
Lily Cup LSweden32 ml44 mm78 mmPost3.9$40Expensive, low ratingsReview
Lily Cup Compact ASweden18 ml42 mm58 mmPre4.6$40The only collapsible menstrual cupReview
Lily Cup Compact BSweden23 ml45 mm58 mmPost4.6$40The only collapsible menstrual cupReview
LolaCup SUSA23.5 ml41 mm69 mmPre4.52 for $30Why sell 2 together?Review
LolaCup LUSA27 ml46 mm76 mmPost4.52 for $30Why sell 2 together?Review
Lunette SFinland25 ml41 mm66 mmPre4.6$40Top quality product, reputable company.Review
Lunette LFinland30 ml46 mm72 mmPost4.6$40Top quality product, reputable company.Review
Meluna SGermany23 ml38 mm57 mm4.2$25Also "short" versionReview
Meluna MGermany28 ml41 mm61 mm4.2$25Also "short" versionReview
Meluna LGermany34 ml44 mm66 mm4.2$25Also "short" versionReview
Meluna XLGermany42 ml47 mm71 mm4.2$25Also "short" versionReview
MoonCup BUK25 ml43 mm71 mmPre4.2$30Order direct from the company.Review
MoonCup AUK28 ml46 mm71 mmPost4.2$30Order direct from the company.Review
Yuuki SCzech24 ml42 mm67 mmPre4.7$25Classic + Soft versionReview
Yuuki LCzech37 ml42 mm75 mmPost4.7$25Classic + Soft versionReview

Menstrual Cup Comparisons: Even More Information

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