Diva Cup vs Lena Cup Comparison

Diva Cup vs Lena Cup: Overview

The LENA Cup and the Diva Cup  are two top-quality menstrual cups that are both manufactured in North America. The Diva Cup is from Canada while the Lena Cup is American made. In terms of price, the Lena Cup is a little bit cheaper on Amazon. The Diva Cup comes in a few dollars more expensive.

The Lena menstrual cup also has a slightly higher 4.7/5 rating. The Divacup has a very good 4.4/5 star rating. There are plenty of satisfied customers with both of these popular period cups.

Both of these excellent period cups are registered with the FDA and are made from the highest quality medical grade silicone. You really couldn’t go wrong with buying either of them in terms of design, safety and ease of use. These two menstrual cups flip flop back and forth between our top and second top rated cup, depending on the author’s mood! We love both of them and personally use both of them interchangeably.

Diva Cup vs Lena Cup: Design

In terms of design, these two popular period cups are almost identical. One slight difference is in the small size of the Lena Cup which has a capacity of 25 ml vs the 30 ml of the Diva Cup. See the menstrual cup comparison chart below for more details.

The shape of the cups is slightly different as well. If you compare the two products side by side, you’ll see that the Diva Cup is more of a cone. The LENA cup has a bit more of a bell-shape to it. Both of these designs can work well.

Another small difference is color: the Diva Cup is white, which can start to look dingy after months of use, while the Lena Cup is pink and can look quite new even after a year or two. This disadvantage can be overcome by deep cleaning your Diva Cup regularly, or using something like the Diva Wash, which should help prevent serious staining.

Diva Cup vs Lena Cup: Comparison Chart

Diva Cup vs Lena Cup: Which one to Choose?

Both these menstrual cups are an excellent choice for your first cup. They are top-quality products, from reputable companies and you can get them at a reasonable price.

The Lena Menstrual Cup does have a slightly higher rating on Amazon, perhaps due to the difference in thickness as opposed to the Diva Menstrual Cup. Many women on Amazon mentioned that the Lena Cup, unlike the Diva cup pops open really easily once inside of them, despite being quite stiff. They report almost no problems with insertion, removal or leakage, unlike with the Diva Cup.

Considering these factors, it looks like the Lena Cup has the slight edge! We love a cup that is easy to insert and place inside, as well as remove. And any menstrual cup that doesn’t leak for most women is a serious win here on this website.

Where to Buy a Menstrual Cup

The best place to buy a menstrual cup is on Amazon. There is a huge range of choices and you can get the exact menstrual cup you want, instead of just choosing from the one or two at the local drugstore. Delivery will be within a few days and shipping is often free.

You can get the Diva Cup on Amazon today:

Perhaps you’ve decided that the LENA Feminine Hygiene Cup is the one for you? You can check out the reviews and compare prices over on Amazon:

Diva Cup vs Lena Cup: More Information

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