Diva Cup vs. Moon Cup: Which One is Right for You?

Diva Cup vs. Moon Cup
The Diva Cup

Diva Cup vs. Moon Cup: Overview

The Diva Cup and the Moon Cup are the two most popular menstrual cups in the world for good reason! They’re both made by reputable companies from the highest quality medical grade silicone. They seem to work for most people who try them, and it’s rare that someone tries one of these cups and can’t use it for whatever reason.

Old, Established Companies

There are many newcomers to the world of menstrual cups in the last five years or so. Many of these cups are very cheaply made in China, and results with them are often lacklustre. Think leaking, flimsy materials, discolouration, bad odour, etc. However, the Diva Cup and the Moon Cup are old, established companies that have been around for decades.

Both Cups are FDA Approved

These two cups are on the list of FDA approved menstrual cups, a rare distinction. Although many cups make the claim that their period cup is “FDA approved,” it is in fact not often true.

Country of Origin

The Divacup is manufactured in Canada while the Mooncup is based out of England. In general, the menstrual cups manufactured in North America, or Europe are of much higher quality than the cheap ones out of China. It really is worth it to spend a few extra bucks getting something like the Diva Cup or the Moon Cup.

One Colour, 2 Sizes

Both these cups only come in one colour: white. They both have two sizes: small and large. The small sizes of both brands are generally recommend for people under the age of 30 who haven’t given birth vaginally. The larger sizes are for people who’ve given birth vaginally, or are over the age of 30. These are just general recommendations however, as body types and sizes vary considerably.

Moon Cup vs Diva Cup: Sound Pretty Similar to You?

Do these two period cups sound pretty similar to you? That’s because they are!

Top-quality medical grade silicone. FDA approval. Manufactured in the Western world. Made according to strict quality standards. Excellent companies that stand behind their products and have great customer service. A ton of satisfied customers (based on Amazon reviews). A nice design and fit. Easy to understand instructions and storage pouch included.

They are both readily available on Amazon or in drugstores. However, the Diva Cup might be difficult to find in Europe, while the MoonCup might be difficult to find in local shops for North Americans.

Sounds like a win to you? It does to us. That’s because both the MoonCup and the Diva Cup are some of the best cups that money can buy.

You can check out the choices for yourself on Amazon:

Diva Cup vs. Moon Cup
The Moon Cup

Diva Cup vs. Moon Cup: Design

In terms of design, the Divacup and Mooncup are very, very similar and they look basically the same when placed side by side to one another. Unlike many other menstrual cups, they are available in only one colour: clear.

The main difference between the two is that the Diva Cup has a slightly larger cup and shorter stem, while the Moon Cup has a smaller cup and longer stem. The result is that the Diva Cup has a slightly bigger capacity (30 ml) compared to the Moon Cup at 25 ml (small) + 28 ml (large), although both have almost the same overall lengths (70 + 71 mm).

When you’re out and about on a busy day, or on the night of your heaviest period, even a few ml of extra capacity can make a difference. This could tip the scales slightly in favour of the Diva Cup, especially if you have a heavy flow.

In terms of diameters, both cups are similar, with the only difference being that the Mooncup is slightly larger. See the chart below for more details about the Diva Cup vs. the Moon Cup sizing.

Diva Cup vs. Moon Cup: Comparison Chart

Diva Cup 1 (S)4.4/5$28-3030 ml41 mm70 mmDivacup
Diva Cup 2 (L)4.4/5$28-3030 ml45 mm70 mmDivacup
Moon Cup B (S)4.2/5$3025 ml43 mm71 mmMooncup
Moon Cup A (L)4.2/5$3028 ml46 mm71 mmMooncup

Moon Cup vs. Diva Cup: How Often to Replace 

A common question people have is how often they need to replace their menstrual cup. It’s a great question and there is a ton of conflicting information out there. Some companies say their cups can last for 10 years or more, while some recommend replacement every year.

MoonCup’s official advice is “years and years,” with proper care. Ultimately, it’s up to you and you should replace it when there are signs of wear and tear. Diva Cups says to replace it every year, which is obviously on the extremely conservative side. After all, that’s only 12-13 cycles! We would hope that a product you pay around $30 USD for would last more than 12 times. Most people, however, report that their Diva Cup has lasted for 2+ years. In reality, the lifespan of each of these cups is very similar and it mostly depends on how well you look after them.

See: How to Clean a Menstrual Cup.

Diva Cup vs. Moon Cup: Which one to Choose? 

These two menstrual cups are so similar in terms of design, price, and marketing that it is hard to differentiate between two. Perhaps your choice could be made most easily based on where you live. Although if you have heavy periods, the Diva Cup might be a better choice for you due to the higher capacity.

If you Live in Europe…

Mooncup Model A Menstrual Cup
List Price: £20.99
Price: £16.47
You Save: £4.52
Price Disclaimer

If you live in Europe and want to buy local, consider the Moon Cup. You can get it directly from the company, or on Amazon. If you get it from the website, you’ll get free shipping within the UK and your total will be just under 20 pounds.

Even if you don’t live in the UK and want to buy the MoonCup, shipping is still surprisingly affordable. When you factor in shipping from Amazon, or the lack of availability at the local drugstore, you’ll often find that ordering directly from MoonCup makes the best choice.

We love to buy menstrual cups directly from the company and cut out the middleman! It just makes good financial sense.

—>Buy directly from Mooncup’s website<—

If you Live in North America…

Diva Cup Model 2 Menstrual Cup
List Price: $29.92
Price: $29.92
Price Disclaimer

If you live in North America and like to support local businesses, the Divacup makes an excellent choice.  The Diva Cup company is based in Canada, and the cup is manufactured there as well.

You can buy it easily on Amazon, especially in the USA and Canada, where it dominates the market. In fact, in Canada, the USA and in many other parts of the world, the name “Diva Cup” is often synonymous with “menstrual cup.”

You can check out the Diva Cup for yourself today:

—>Diva Cup on Amazon<—

Diva Cup vs. Moon Cup: More Information

If you want some more information about which period cup is right for you, the Divacup or the Mooncup, see the following:

Diva Cup Pros and Cons

Moon Cup Pros and Cons

Or, just head on over to Amazon to get the Mooncup Menstrual Cup or the Diva Cup for yourself.

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