Can a Menstrual Cup Get Lost?

A common question from women is, “Can a menstrual cup get lost?” The short answer is: no, it’s impossible simply due to your bodies anatomy. Period cups are simply too big to get past your cervix.

It’s Impossible for Menstrual Cups to Get Lost

Your vaginal canal is only 4-5 inches long, so it’s impossible for menstrual cups to get lost. If you have a little bit of difficulty removing it, don’t stress about it but relax and try again in a couple of hours.
Remember to push your muscles like you’re defecating and to break the suction seal by pressing down on one side of the cup with one finger. Once you’ve broken the seal, it’s much easier to use your pelvic muscles to push it down closer to the entrance of your vaginal canal and grab the stem to pull it out further.

If it’s during a time when you have really heavy flow, put on a pad so you can catch any spillage while you’re having a difficult time removing it. Finally, if you truly cannot remove it yourself after many attempts, do not panic but go to a doctor and they will be able to remove it in seconds.

Some women have a difficult time in removing their menstrual cup after waking up in the morning because during the night, the cup can shift higher in the vaginal canal. Have a coffee, eat some breakfast and try again in a few hours. It will come out easily then.

Good Positions for Menstrual Cup Removal:

Squatting, which makes the vaginal canal shorter and pushes your menstrual cup closer to the entrance of the vagina. You can do this in the shower or bathtub, which can catch any spillage and make clean-up easier.

Sitting on the toilet with your legs apart and sitting up straight which has the same effect as squatting. This is the preferred menstrual cup removal position for many women.

Any other position that is comfortable where your legs are wide apart. The key thing is to relax and not to stress about it. You can simply put on a pad and try again later if you’re having a hard time.

Can a Menstrual Cup Get Lost?

]In short, no! It’s physically impossible for a menstrual cup to get lost so don’t worry about it!

Ready to Buy a Menstrual Cup?

Some of the most popular brands are the following ones listed below. Click the links to see a full review of each one.

The Diva Cup-The most popular menstrual cup in the world.

The Moon Cup-Made in the UK for those who like to shop local.

The Keeper-Made from latex, this cup can last 10+ years.

The Meluna Cup-A newcomer to the scene, it’s a very economical option.

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