Divawash vs. Lunette Feelbetter Menstrual Cup Cleanser

Divawash vs. Lunette Feelbetter Menstrual Cup Cleanser

Menstrual cups are reasonably easy to clean. Most women use plain soap and water during their period, wash them thoroughly in the sink after emptying and before reinserting. At the end of your period, you can boil your menstrual cup in water for a few minutes, dry it out thoroughly and then store it in an open-container or cloth bag until next month. See this post for more details: Menstrual Cup Cleaning.

However, the companies that make the Diva Cup and the Lunette Cup recommend using specific products in order to keep their menstrual cups in top condition and lasting for as long as possible.

The DivaWash

DivaWash is a pH balanced, gentle cleanser that can be used for face, body or menstrual cup. It comes with a very high 4.6/5 star rating on Amazon.

Women that use the Divawash are saying things like:

“It’s a good value for the price because it lasts a really long time.”

“Get this too when you order your first menstrual cup.”

“I’ve been using this as a body wash and menstrual cup cleaner for the last 3 years. Love this stuff!”

Diva wash








The Lunette Feelbetter Menstrual Cup Cleanser

The Lunette Feelbetter cleanser is an organic, vegan cleanser that is perfect for the face, body and menstrual cups. It also has a very high 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon.

Women that use the Lunette Menstrual Cup cleanser are saying things like:

“The smell is very nice: lemon and eucalyptus.”

“I bought this so I could look after my menstrual cup in the recommended way. I’m really happy with this product.”

“It smells nice and there are no harsh chemicals.

DivaWash vs. Lunette Feelbetter Menstrual Cup Cleanser: Which One to Choose?

Both of these are very high-quality products that do the job well. They even seem to be made with almost the exact same ingredients and you really couldn’t go wrong with either one of them. However, if you’re looking to save a bit of money, the Divawash is cheaper.

You can buy them both easily on Amazon:

DivaWash on Amazon

Lunette Menstrual Cup Cleanser on Amazon

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