Do Menstrual Cups Smell Bad? Definitely Not!

Do Menstrual Cups Smell Bad?

A common question that women have is: Do menstrual cups smell bad after using them for a few cycles? It really is a great question to ask, because month after month, year after year, it does seem like a possibility. However, there’s good news! Usually menstrual cups don’t smell bad if you look after them well.

Good News: No Contact With Air

Menstrual flow begins to develop an odor when it comes into contact with air, as it partly does when you wear tampons and fully when you use pads. However, menstrual cups contain the fluid inside your body with no exposure to air so you’re guaranteed to have an odor-free period. Plus, all the odor associated with disposing of tampons and pads into the trash is gone as well since you’re flushing all the fluid down the toilet and you can wash your hands thoroughly after emptying the menstrual cup.

If you are concerned with even a lingering smell on your hands, you can carry a pair of disposable gloves to put on before removing and emptying your menstrual cup. Although it does create a bit of waste that goes to the landfill, it’s most certainly less than it would be if you were to use pads or tampons.

Be Careful Between Cycles

Of course, between cycles you need to store your menstrual cup where it can be exposed to air. Even the tiniest bit of moisture in an airtight container can lead to stinking disaster! Most menstrual cups come with a loose cotton bag where you can keep your period cup and it’s recommended that you make use of it to store your cup.

Menstrual Cup Developing an Odor?

If you find that menstrual cup is developing an odor, you can try washing it very thoroughly with hot water and something like the Diva Wash (buy the Diva Wash on Amazon). You could also boil it for 10 minutes in a pot of water. If you find a strong odor after doing these things, it’s perhaps time to dispose of your menstruation cup and get a new one.

The Meluna Cup

Most women mentioned no specific problems related to smell with any of the most common menstrual cups including the Diva Cup, the Moon Cup, the Dutchess Cup and the Lunette Cup. However, the Meluna Cup is a bit unusual in that while many women are extremely happy with it (it does come in a huge range of sizes and colors), some report a bad smell that lingers, despite trying everything to remove it. It may just be a case of not working for your specific body, but it’s something to be aware of.

Get The Diva Wash on Amazon

The Diva Wash is the recommended product for keeping your period cup in top condition, month after month and year after year. You can get it easily on Amazon:

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