FDA Approved Menstrual Cups

FDA approved menstrual cups

FDA Approved Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups refer to the sanitary protection products shaped like a bell, which are used to collect the menstrual fluid. Though they serve the same purpose as sanitary pads, tampons and liners, these hygiene cups are safer as they are made of high-grade rubber or medical grade silicone. They are flexible, as they are required to be worn inside the vagina to hold the menstrual blood.

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There are several FDA approved menstrual cups, which can be used for 5 years and more. Some of the popular brands of menstrual cups have FDA clearance. Being FDA approved shows that these products have been certified and tested for quality and safety, are durable, non-toxic and offer a seamless experience for the users.

Some leading FDA approved menstrual cups:

The Diva Cup
Diva Cup 1 Pre Childbirth
List Price: $26.50
Price: $26.50
Price Disclaimer

The Diva Cup: This product is one of the first ones that entered the market. This brand has earned the ISO 13485:2003 certification. It’s a top-quality menstrual cup made from medical grade silicone in Canada. The Diva Cup is the menstrual cup to which all others are compared and for good reason! It’s a great product at an excellent price.

The brand offers two types of menstrual cups based on the size:

Diva cup Size 1 – Pre-vaginal birth: This model is especially designed for women under the age of 30, who have not given birth. The bell part of this model is slightly smaller than the next size. Buy the Diva Cup, Model 1 on Amazon.

Diva cup Size 2 – Post-vaginal birth: This is exclusively designed for women who are over 30 years or have already given birth. Buy the Diva Cup, Model 2 on Amazon.

The Lunette Cup

Lunette: This is another popular brand of menstrual cups, which are made of medical-grade silicon and have a shelf life of 10 years. The Lunette Cup is manufactured in Finland and has some extremely high reviews on Amazon. It’s one of the most expensive menstrual cups, but also one the best quality of all the ones that we’ve reviewed.

The Lunette Cup offers menstrual cups in two variations, namely:

Lunette Model 1: This model is relatively smaller and softer than the model 2 of Lunette. It is designed for teenagers and young adults who haven’t borne a baby. The length of the stem is 1” while the diameter measures 1.6” by 1.9”. This model suits women who have a light to moderate, as these menstrual cups can hold 0.85 ounces (25 ml). Buy the Lunette, Model 1 on Amazon.

Lunette Model 2: This model is slightly firmer than model 1 and yet it’s pliable and soft. This is ideal for women who are physically mature, have already given birth and experience normal or heavier flow. These menstrual cups have a stem measuring 0.8” while the diameter measures 1.8” by 2”. These cups can hold up to 1 ounce of fluid (30 ml). Buy the Lunette, Model 2 on Amazon.

The MoonCup
Mooncup Menstrual Cup - Size A
List Price: $25.30
Price: $25.30
Price Disclaimer

The Mooncup: It has been in the market for more than 13 years now. It has a simple design with a translucent body, and is available in a single color. The Moon Cup is manufactured in the UK from the highest quality medical grade silicone. It’s very similar in terms of sizing, and design to the Diva Cup.

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This FDA approved brand offers two models based on sizes:

Mooncup Size A: These menstrual cups have a capacity of 29.3 ml and are best for women over 30 years as well as for those who have given birth vaginally. The cup measures 46mm in diameter and 50 mm in length. Buy the Moon, Size A on Amazon.

Mooncup Size B: These menstrual cups are designed for women under 30 years who have not given birth. They can hold up to 28.8 ml of fluid. The cup measures 43mm in diameter and 50 mm in length. Buy the Mooncup, Size B on Amazon.

Both these cups have a stem measuring 21mm in length, which you can trim depending on what fits you the best.

FDA Approved Menstrual Cup Summary

All these FDA approved menstrual cups offer several benefits in terms of health, convenience, cost and environment. No wonder they have emerged as the most preferred choice of women all over the world. So, start using these menstrual cups to live life to the fullest even during those difficult days of the month.

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