Common Myths and Menstrual Cup Dangers That Are False

menstrual cup dangersAs a savvy consumer and a believer in women’s health, you are already well aware that menstruation is far from being a marginalized consumer decision.

Menstrual periods and equality of healthcare are world health issues.

Today, despite challenging traditional care methods, women who are trying to decide which eco-friendly feminine hygiene product they would like to buy are confronted with a variety of myths and untruths to wade through.

Unfortunately, there are a variety of perceptions of menstrual cup dangers that keep many women from taking charge of this personal decision and making an informed choice. News agencies report on the facts, and yet the pervasive myths remain.

From worries about smelling bad, being unsanitary, or feeling uncomfortable– there are many concerns and many barriers to getting to the real facts about menstrual cup dangers.

And what’s worse than the thought of bad odors during your menstruation period?

Odor: The Not So Smelly Truth About Menstrual Cup Dangers

Unfortunately, some women are so concerned and self-conscious about odors associated with their menstruation cycle they’re uncomfortable even trying new products. They believe tampons are the best way to eliminate odors.


“Tampons/pads tend to cause an unpleasant odor after a while, and I have yet to experience that with my menstrual cup,” reports a happy convert.

Many have found that changing to a reusable menstrual cup eliminates odors!

But will they be uncomfortable?


Won’t putting a reusable menstrual cup in (and removing it) be uncomfortable and messy?


Don’t take my word for it, listen to Activist Remi Bell: “Menstrual Cups Are Great. Period.”

How about Claire Fallon who says, “If someone as lazy and squeamish as I am can use a menstrual cup, most women can.”

They’re both right. Unfortunately, so many myths about reusable menstrual cup dangers persist because people remain afraid to give them a try.

Of course, one of the biggest reasons women cite for failing to try is that they will be dirty and messy.

Unclean, Dirty, and Messy

Fact: Cleaning your reusable menstrual cup is remarkably easy.

All too often we hear women who avoid even thinking about using a reusable menstrual cup. One of the biggest reusable menstrual cup dangers, they say, is that it will be so messy and unclean.

Perhaps these women haven’t had the same troubles some of us have had over the years with sanitary pads and tampons. Compared to that mess, menstrual cup use is incredibly clean and sanitary.

Ask anyone familiar with toxic shock syndrome.


One of the most difficult barriers to talking about reusable menstrual cup dangers are the questions about safety and women’s health which arise. Reusable menstrual cups are all too often associated with “hippies” and being unsanitary.

Of course, this is far from the truth. Truth:

Dangerous toxins could be lurking in your tampon.

Actually, that’s not the real facts.

Dangerous toxins ARE lurking in your tampon.

In fact, endocrine disruptors have been linked to brain disorders, reproductive issues, obesity and cancer. Specifically, these endocrine disruptors are made up of dioxins and phthalates.

1. Dioxins

Dioxins “are byproducts of the bleaching process involved in the manufacture of tampons. They are also a big concern; the World Health Organization calls dioxins ‘highly toxic” and categorizes them as a “known human carcinogen.'”

2. Phthalates

Phthalates are a class of suspected endocrine disrupters some research has linked to developmental issues like lower IQs and higher rates of asthma.


A small review of the above and the real health dangers of using tampons should be enough to realize the largest of all the menstrual cup dangers: Ignorance.

True: Ignorance is keeping many women stuck.

If women’s health advocates, the World Health Organization, personal users, and thousands of satisfied converts agree, why do these myths about menstrual cup dangers go on?

Sharing the facts is a responsibility for each one of us.

As is understanding the incredible benefits of reusable menstrual cups. Why not focus on the positive?

Menstrual Cup Benefits

1. Low Cost

Have you ever considered how much it costs to simply own a vagina?

Since the average woman will go through an average of 11,000 tampons in her lifetime (yes, 11,000), the reusable menstrual cup will save you a ton of money.

2. Easy To Use

You’ll definitely cut down on the shopping hassle when changing over to a reusable menstrual cup. The good news is, when you care for them properly, you can use the same menstrual cup for years.

Also, they are incredibly easy to use. Another of the ridiculous menstrual cup dangers myths is that they will be too difficult to use.

Actually, menstrual cups can be left in for up to 12 hours so just put it in the morning, wear it all day and then change if when you get home in the comfort of your own bathroom.

On top of their ease to use, reusable menstrual cups will save you time lugging your garbage out. You’ll feel the ease and comfort of lowering your environmental footprint.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Menstrual cups are the unanimous winner in terms of decreasing environmental impact.

Next time, when considering menstrual cup dangers, consider this:

The impact to the environment if you don’t find out for yourself how clean and easy to use they are.

“But then I’ll be limited to a small choice of uninteresting options.”

The Bottom Line on Menstrual Cup Dangers

Like all women’s health issues, reusable menstrual cups are about increasing choice, and never limiting it.

All things considered, reusable menstrual cups are a feminist issue, an environmental issue, a political issue, and a world health issue. They are safe, clean, and easy to use.

Presently, there are so many choices. You’re sure to find one that works perfectly for you.

Doubt that there are a variety of choices when making the change to a reusable menstrual cup? Take a look at our top five reviews and you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect reusable menstrual cup to get started. Or, check out our #1 recommended menstrual cup, the Diva Cup. Manufactured in Canada, it’s the menstrual cup that most women start with. It’s also the cup to which all other ones are compared. Most women who use the Diva Cup are extremely happy with it. You can easily check out this top-quality period cup on Amazon today:

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