Is Menstrual Cup Emptying Disgusting? It’s just Nature!

menstrual cup emptying
Menstrual Cup Emptying

Menstrual Cup Emptying: Is it Disgusting?

A common question from women is whether menstrual cup emptying is disgusting, or not. If you read the menstrual cup online forums, you’ll often see this negative factor mentioned about period cups, but don’t let it dissuade you from trying them out.

It’s a Natural Thing

Our culture is fascinated with disposable products (remember when we used to use cloth diapers?) these days, so it’s natural to have the “ick” factor about emptying your menstrual cup. It’s just something that we’re not used to. However, it’s a natural part of life and it’s cleaner than you think if you empty it into the toilet and wash it in the sink right away. You will get a little bit of menstrual blood on your hands if you are inexperienced, but it easily washes away with some soap and water. 

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A Couple Tips about Emptying your Menstrual Cup

If you are worried about the smell getting onto your hands, or the blood underneath your fingernails, you could carry some disposable gloves with you and put a pair on before emptying it. Even though you’ll throw it out after using it, it’s far less waste than using pads or tampons.

Another tip is to try to empty your menstrual cup at home. It’s far easier to keep things clean when you have a sink right next to the toilet. Another option is to use the handicapped bathroom when you’re out and about. These ones usually have a sink and toilet in a private stall.

Learn about Your Monthly Cycle

Another benefit of using period cups is that you can learn about the ebbs and flows of your monthly cycle. Menstrual cups such as the Diva Cup, Lunette Cup, and Moon Cup are made from the highest quality medical grade silicone. They’re designed to be resistant to bacteria growth, which is what causes unpleasant odors. In reality they’re actually less “icky” than pads or tampons. Plus we love that you just empty the contents into a toilet or sink and wash it away. This beats throwing used pads or tampons into your trash bin.

Buying a Menstrual Cup

Are you convinced that menstrual cup emptying isn’t actually so disgusting and want to get your hands on one of them? I hope so! They really are so much cheaper than using pads or tampons and they’re a far better choice for the environment. See: 49 Reasons you Need a Menstrual Cup Today.

If you need some help in choosing the right one for you, I recommend the following resources:

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