Menstrual Cup Forum: Our Top Picks


Looking for a Menstrual Cup Forum?

If you’re looking for the straight facts about a Diva Cup, or other Menstrual Cups, then you’ll need to head straight to the menstrual cup forums. Ask and get answers to any question you could possibly have about period cups from actual users. In general, we find that this information is extremely useful because it’s unbiased, minus all the fluff that a company selling a product would give you. The straight goods? We love that here at Reusable Menstrual Cups!

Without further ado, here are our top picks for menstrual cup forums. We rank them from 1-4, starting with the most useful at the top. And, just a note- we use the term “forum” really loosely. Most of these are not a forum in the strictest sense. However, they are all places where you can ask questions and get solid answers. Times have changed and traditional forums have fallen out of disuse in general.

#1 Menstrual Cup Forum: Menstrual Cups Worldwide Facebook

Everyone is on Facebook all the time these days! And while you’re there, you can get all the information you need about menstrual cups such as the Lunette Cup, Moon Cup or the Diva Cup. As with any group on Facebook, not all the answers are stellar, but in general, there are a ton of knowledgeable people here ready to give you some solid advice. It’s also a really supportive group of people, with none of the negativity you can find in some other groups. Just people who want to help others with their period cup!

There are more than 1000 users here. This means that you should get multiple answers to your question within minutes. Your Diva Cup is stuck? Get help asap! Can’t figure out why your menstrual cup is leaking? Get it working stat.

Check out: Menstrual Cups Worldwide on Facebook.

#2 Menstrual Cup Forum: Mothering

We recently ran across Mothering, a website with a huge forum related to all things being a mother. We particularly love the fact that there are a ton of active users on this site so you should get a variety of responses to just about any question that you have. It’s also moderated very well and people are generally extremely positive, uplifting and supportive. There are a ton of existing questions about menstrual cups. Or, you can start a new discussion if you have a very specific question.

Check out all the Diva Cup Discussions on Mothering.

#3 Menstrual Cup Forum: LiveJournal

Although LiveJournal has seen better days, there is still a very active menstrual cup forum that seems to be hanging on. Although the format is a little bit difficult to navigate, the content there is super solid, and people are extremely helpful.  You’ll probably be able to find your question already answered if you search around a little bit, so have a little look before starting a new thread. I just checked and found posts from today (January 4, 2017), so there are still active users.

Check out Menstrual Cup Forums on Livejournal.

#4 Menstrual Cup Forum: Reddit

We love Reddit! It’s similar to traditional forums in that users can ask and answer questions, except with one important difference. The thing that’s different is that people can upvote or downvote answers. This means that the best answers will rise to the top, while the bad ones will fade away into obscurity. This is exactly how it should be, instead of traditional forums where the first and last posts get the most attention and nobody reads anything in the middle. Love the up and downvotes!

Check out: Menstrual Cups on Reddit.


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