Menstrual Cups Cons: Are there any?

Menstrual Cup Cons

Menstrual Cup Cons

We all know about the many pros of using menstrual cups instead of pads or tampons, including less waste, money savings, better for your vaginal health, and convenience. One of the best things is the fact that Soft Cups can be used during sex.

After trying out a menstrual cup for the first time, there are very few women who will ever go back to pads or tampons again and most ladies are dismayed that they didn’t find out about them sooner. I myself am very unhappy that I didn’t hear about them until I was 34, so I’ve now made it my mission to spread the word about menstrual cups to the world.

But, menstrual cup cons- are there any?

 Menstrual Cups are Messy

Pads and tampons have the advantage that you just throw them in the trash and never have to deal intimately with any of that menstrual fluid. Menstrual cups: not so much. You will get blood all over your hands when you insert, remove and empty them. But, it’s a natural thing and the ick factor gets less the longer you use them. You can get to know your body in a deeper way, which is always a good thing.

Menstrual Cup Insertion Difficulties

It can be difficult for younger girls and/or those who’ve never had sex before to insert them because the vaginal canal will be quite narrow. In this case, it’s better to use pads or tampons for a few years until you’re ready. You can also try out one of the smaller cups, which might work well. See these top 10 menstrual cup brands for some advice on which one will work for you.

Also check out: How to Insert and Remove a Menstrual Cup.

Removal Difficulties with Period Cups

There is a learning curve to removing menstrual cups and you’ll probably struggle the first few times you do it. Don’t stress! Just put on a pad and try again in an hour or two. We recommend cloth menstrual pads because they’re cheaper and better for the environment over the long haul.

However, once you learn the technique that works for your body, you’ll have it down and it won’t be an issue again. Give it a few cycles though and don’t give up too early. It really does take a lot of practice. If you find that one certain cup is leaking and there seems to be no solution, try another cup. There’s one for every body type.

See: Menstrual Cup Leaking Help

Fit Difficulties for Menstrual Cups 

The first menstrual cup you try may not fit you that well. That’s totally normal because all bodies are designed differently. Try a different size or model of menstrual cups- there are a million menstrual cup brands available these days. Check out this menstrual cup comparison chart for some advice on which one might work best for you.

Want to Buy a Menstrual Cup?

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These menstrual cup cons can certainly be overcome, so I hope you still want to try a menstrual cup. And when you factor in the positives such as:

  • Far cheaper over the medium-long term
  • Better for the environment
  • Great for people with heavy periods

Check out these 10 most popular menstrual cups, which makes an ideal place to start. Review, where to buy and advice you can trust.

Or, just check out our top rated menstrual cup on Amazon, the Diva Cup. Made in Canada, it’s the most popular menstrual cup brand in the world. You can check it out for yourself today:

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