Menstrual Cups and Swimming: Is it Possible?

menstrual cups and swimming

Menstrual Cups and Swimming

There are a lot of problems that people have to face while swimming. Menstruation and the hassle of dealing with it is one of the most notable ones. If you don’t want to skip swimming due to periods, it’s essential to find a solution. The problems with sanitary napkins while swimming are obvious! They absorb water and become like soggy diapers. Tampons aren’t great either with the string hanging out. Another problem is that they aren’t able to absorb enough on your days with really heavy flow.

Menstrual Cups and Swimming: Up to 12 Hours of Protection

As an alternative, you should consider using reusable menstrual cups. Made of medical grade silicone, these bell-shaped cups are completely flexible and easy to use. You can wear such a cup inside your vagina while having your periods. The cup will store your menstrual fluid, but won’t absorb it, unlike tampons or sanitary pads.

You can wear reusable menstrual cups throughout the day and night as most offer an uninterrupted protection for almost 12 hours. You just have to remove the cup after 12 hours or a bit earlier, in case you have a heavy flow, to empty the contents and wash it properly before inserting it again.

Menstrual cups are considered to be ideal for swimming as you have to wear them internally. As such a cup can hold your menstrual fluids for a much longer period than its traditional counterparts (like sanitary pads and tampons). They also allow you to swim without worry for a longer time frame of up to a few hours.

Menstrual Cups and Swimming: No Embarrassing String

While wearing a menstrual cup, you don’t need to worry about a string hanging out or if you will face embarrassment due to leakage in the pool. You just to have to make sure that you empty the cup properly, wash it and reinsert before you start swimming. It’s also important to get used to this cup for a few days before you start wearing it while swimming.

If there is any kind of leakage when you are not swimming or in case the cup gets filled with water after taking a bath, it’s probably because of the wrong position of the cup. So, you have to learn to place it at the right position, which is at the entrance to your vagina. Apart from getting used to wearing the cup the proper way, you should also make sure that it’s placed properly before you take the plunge in a pool to go swimming.

Swimming with Menstrual Cup? No Leaking!

There are several reasons why menstrual cups are considered to be the best option for swimming. You can not only wear it safely for as long as 12 hours, but also rest assured of no leaking. Moreover, as there are no strings hanging out from the menstrual cup, there is nothing that can be seen from the outside. This ensures you can keep the entire matter a complete secret.

Since menstrual cups don’t absorb fluids, they won’t absorb water. This in turn ensures that there are no risks of vaginal infections due to chemically treated or dirty water. In fact, with a menstrual cup, the vagina continues all the self-cleaning functions that normally happen. Menstrual cups also help decrease the menstrual flow, if consistently worn over a long period of time.

Swimming Pads for Periods?

A common question is whether or not there are swimming pads for periods. The short answer is no! While there some things like adults diapers or similar products which may be water resistant, they’re mostly designed to keep fluid in, not out as in the case of swimming. Swimming pads for periods that actually work don’t exist. Your best option would be to use a menstrual cup!

Swimming With a Menstrual Cup? Get your Menstrual Cup Now

Menstrual cups and swimming. It really is possible. So, the next time you feel like taking a plunge in the pool during those difficult days of the month, simply take your pick from the leading menstrual cups available in the market, use one and go swimming without any worry and with complete protection and peace of mind.

Menstrual cups truly are the best option for active women who like swimming or any other sort of sport or outdoor activity. Our top-rated menstrual cup here at this website is the Lena Cup. Made in the USA, it’s manufactured from top-quality medical grade silicone. It’s affordably priced and extremely durable. It’ll last you for years if you take good care of it.

You can check out the reviews and description for yourself over on Amazon. Shipping is usually free with Amazon Prime. If you have swimming plans coming up with this summer and don’t want your period to get in the way of that, it’s time for a menstrual cup! Find the Lena Cup on Amazon today:


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