Scuba Dive on your Period-Should you Do It?


Can you Scuba Dive on your Period? Yes!

A common question that many women ask is whether or not they can scuba dive on their period. It’s a great question with a very simple answer: yes! But, keep reading for all the details about why it’s really no problem to scuba dive while you have your period.

Sharks Do Like Blood…But….

While sharks are indeed attracted to blood, it’s very, very rare to see one of the big, people-eating ones like a bull shark or great white when you’re just out for a casual dive. The vast majority of recreational scuba divers go an entire lifetime without seeing one of these dangerous sharks. For example, I’ve done over 2000 dives all around the world and never seen one of these big guys.

For recreational scuba divers, you’re far more likely to see some of the smaller sharks like a white or black tip reef sharks when diving in a place like South-East Asia. These guys are very small and are far more afraid of humans than you should be of them. They usually just hang out on the bottom of the ocean floor and don’t do a whole lot!

In addition, while scuba diving with your period, you’ll be wearing a tampon or menstrual cup so fluid will not be leaking out of you. On the off chance that you bleed through either of these things while you’re actually on your dive, the amount of fluid will be so small that it won’t be enough to cause sharks to be attracted to you. But, if you’re worried about it, change your tampon or empty your menstrual cup a few minutes before you go scuba diving and you’ll be fine.

Scuba Diving While on Your Period: Comfort

Now that we’ve cleared up any fears you might have regarding your safety about if you can scuba dive on your period, it’s time to turn attention to comfort. This is actually a much bigger consideration than the safety issue.

We all know that dive boats don’t have a whole lot of privacy and changing a tampon might not be that easy (if not impossible). Some boats don’t have a private bathroom. For this reason, it’s best to use a menstrual cup while scuba diving.

In case you don’t know, menstrual cups are bell-shaped cylinders designed to fit in your vaginal canal. They collect the fluid and you just have to empty them every 8-12 hours. The best part about them as they relate to scuba diving is that they hold approximately double the fluid (depending on which cup you choose) that the biggest tampon does. This means that you can put in your menstrual cup before you get on the boat and it’ll hopefully not have to be emptied until you get off it. You can scuba dive on your period, hassle-free!

Menstrual Cups? Okay…Which One Should I Buy?

Diva Cup vs. Moon Cup
The Diva Cup

Are you convinced that menstrual cups are awesome for scuba divers? You should be! They really are. Need  more convincing? See: 49 Reasons You Need a Menstrual Cup Today. They really are the ultimate solution for the active woman and once you try them, you’ll regret all those wasted years using pads and tampons!

Maybe you need some help in choosing the best one for you? There are a lot of choices out there and it can at times be a bit overwhelming, but here are a few good places to start:

Menstrual Cup Reviews (the Top 10 Menstrual Cup brands in the world today. Buying any period cup on this list would be a good place to start).

A Review of the Diva Cup (the best-selling menstrual cup in the world). Don’t like to shop around? The “Shop Now” button below will take you directly to the Diva Cup page on Amazon in your country:



  1. Hey, while wearing the cup today and it was fairly empty i went down to 45 feet in a hyperbaric chamber. I did do a foreward bend strecth for my hamtrings. A few minutes after i began having some terrible cramping to the point of sweating, and shaking and seeing stars, i evacuated emergency and legs were starting to cramp badly as well as abdomen and lower back pain… I got out and almost couldnt get to the toilet and knew i had to get the cup out. Major bowel movement and puked… I had to lay down and immediately began to shiver about 5-10mins later i was feeling the cramping in start to release in my abdomen.. Its been a couple hours it is sore there but not cramping and i am kinda achey and tight and just starting to warm up. An air pocket would create a suction like force at deeper levels maybe!??? That was so intense

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