Menstrual Cups: Which One is Right for you?

Menstrual Cups can be Intimidating

When you get your first menstrual cup, you might be a bit intimidated because it’s a bell-shape. This is unlike cylindrical tampons and you might wonder if a menstrual cup will fit you. It seems so big and you might be wondering how you can actually get it into you. Is it really possible that it won’t leak. The other intimidating factor is that there are just so many menstrual cups brands that it can be difficult to choose one that works for you. However, help is here! We’ll give you some solid advice on choosing your first menstrual cup. Menstrual cup comparison: here we go!

Practice Makes Perfect with Menstrual Cups

Rest assured, it is indeed possible, although it may take a little practice and a few tries to get your menstrual cup inserted correctly. Menstrual cup removal can also be a little bit difficult, but you’ll eventually be a pro at that as well. See: Menstrual Cup Insertion and Removal. 

Another common problem is menstrual cup leaking and almost all people experience this when they first use a menstrual cup. Most women don’t really get the hang of period cups for at least a few cycles. So even if you’re struggling at first, be sure not to give up. You will eventually figure it out. See: Menstrual Cup Leaking Help.

Larger and Smaller Sized Menstrual Cups

Most menstrual cup brands such as the Diva Cup and Moon Cup come in different sizes, one larger one for those women over 30 or those who’ve given birth vaginally. The smaller one is for women under 30 or those who’ve never given birth vaginally.

These are just general rules however. You may be a larger women who is under 30 and hasn’t given birth vaginally. In this case, you may want to consider a larger cup. Read the labels and check the menstrual cup comparison charts so you can be sure that you’re buying the correct size.

The Best Starter Menstrual Cup-Under 30 (pre-childbirth)

The Diva Cup is the most popular menstrual cup in the world and for good reason: it’s a solid product from a solid company. I recommend this cup as the first one that you try and if you don’t like it, venture out into the world of the myriad of other cups. It really is the menstrual cup that most women start with. Most people find that it’s easy to insert and remove once they get the hang of it. Once it’s in, it doesn’t leak-it just stays in place easily.

You can get the Diva Cup along with the Diva Wash on Amazon. Buy the Diva Cup Size 1 on Amazon now.

The Best Starter Menstrual Cup- 30+ (post childbirth)

If you’re over 30, or have given birth vaginally, the Diva Cup size 2 should be the first one you consider.  It’s a great product as a reasonable price. It’s the most popular cup in the world today because it’s an excellent product!

If this sounds like the cup for you, you can Buy the Diva Cup Size 2 on Amazon now.

Best for Larger People

The Dutchess Menstrual Cup (post-childbirth option) is an excellent option if you are a larger woman because with a rim diameter of 47mm, it’s one of the biggest out there. It’s manufactured in the USA and people comment on Amazon that while other menstrual cups seemed to leak, the Dutchess didn’t. You can get the Dutchess Cup on Amazon.  

You could also consider the Meluna Cup which has a large range of sizes, from small-XL and regular or shorty. You can easily buy the Meluna Cup on Amazon.

Best for Small Vaginal Canals/ Low Cervix

The FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup, Low Cervix version is ideal for woman who have a low cervix. Both the rim diameter and length are shorter than just about any other menstrual cup on the market, while the capacity still remains a decent 30 mm. You can buy the Femmy Cycle Low Cervix Menstrual Cup on Amazon.

Another great option for ladies with a low cervix is the Meluna Cup. There are four sizes of cup (Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large) and there is a “shorty” version designed for those with shorter vaginal canals. You can get the Meluna Cup on Amazon.

 Best if Nothing Else Works

If you’re tried a few different sizes and models of period cups, you should consider the SoftCup which is a disposable, radically different kind of menstrual cup that fits right up under your cervix, instead of lower down in the vaginal canal like the other ones. As a bonus, you can use this one when you’re having sexual intercourse to make things a lot cleaner.

More Help in Choosing the Menstrual Cup That’s Right for You

Check out this menstrual cup comparison chart for more details on which cup is right for you. Or, see reviews of these top 10 menstrual cup brands for help in making this important choice. Menstrual cups can be a bit intimidating because there are so many choices, but I hope that thing information will assist you in making the best choice for you.

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