Athena Menstrual Cup Review


Athena Menstrual Cup Review

The Athena Menstrual Cup has a 4.4/5 star rating on Amazon and it’s one of the cheaper menstrual cups available on Amazon USA. The product description on Amazon claims that the Athena Menstrual Cup is made from “100% Platinum Medical Grade US DOW Corning Silicone.”

While the Athena Menstrual Cup is a bit of a newcomer to the menstrual cup world, it appears that it’s here to stay. As of December 2017, they have over 100 reviews on Amazon USA and still have a very high 4.4/5 star rating. This rating, as well as number of reviewers is similar to the big names in the period cup world that have been around for a decade or more such as the Diva Cup, Moon Cup, or Lunette Cup.

The Athena Menstrual Cups appears to be very similar to the Dutchess Cup in terms of price, design and that both of them are manufactured in China. Apart from that, there actually isn’t that much information about this cup. For example, we wish there was more information about the following:

  • What Platinum medical grade silicone means. This is a bit unusual and no other menstrual cup includes “platinum” in their description
  • Where and how the cup is manufactured (it’s most likely China, as far as we can tell)

2 Sizes of Athena Cup

There are two sizes of Athena Cup, a small (size 1) and a large (size 2). Athena mentions that size 2 is perfect for someone with a heavy flow, but at 25 ml capacity, it’s actually smaller than average. You’d do much better using one of these high capacity cups—some of them are up to 38 ml.

Athena also mentions that size 1 is suitable for someone with a low cervix. However, at 62 mm, it’s not really one of the shorter cups on the market today. Instead, consider one of these Low Cervix Menstrual Cups that are a full 15 mm shorter.

Size 1

  • Light to Normal Flow
  • Low to Medium Cervix Height
  • Great for Beginners and teenagers
  • Best for Pre-Pregnancy
  • 42 mm diameter, 62 mm length, 20 ml capacity

Size 2

  • Heavy Flow 
  • Any Cervix Height
  •  45 mm diameter, 65 mm length, 25 ml capacity

Is the Athena Cup really “FDA Approved?”

Besides the things mentioned above, we also have some hesitation about recommending the Athena Cup with regards to FDA approval. There are actually very few menstrual cups on the FDA approved list and the Athena Cup doesn’t appear to be one of them. However, they say on their product description that it is, “FDA approved so you don’t have to worry.” This appears to be a misleading statement.

You can easily get the Athena Menstrual Cup on Amazon today:

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People that Like the Athena Cup are Saying:

“It’s soft and flexible, but not too soft. The quality and ease of use is similar to the Diva Cup but the Athena is half the price.”

“It was easy to use even for a first time user. It just pops open easily and it’s also easy to remove”

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“It’s very affordable, as well as being comfortable and durable. I’ve been using it for over a year now and it still looks new.” 

“I honestly didn’t think this would work that well. I expected it to leak like crazy but I haven’t had any problems with it.”

Athena Menstrual Cup Pros:

  1. The price is certainly right at well under $20. Many of the other cups like the Lunette, Moon Cup, or Diva Cup can run in the $30-40 range.
  2. There is a nice variety of colors (14). We especially love the midnight black one that won’t become stained or discoloured with repeated use, unlike the white or clear menstrual cups.
  3. The Athena Cup has 1000+ reviews on Amazon, with an average of 4.4/5. There are obviously lots of satisfied customers. However, many of the reviews appear to be pretty over the top. We wonder how many of these reviews are real and how many are fake.
  4. Athena appears to be committed to quality customer service. They say on their product description, “We place our whole reputation on delivering the best customer service. If you have any issue, we will fix it – If you don’t like our product, we will refund it – And if you get your cup and feel it is the wrong size we will replace it! That is our commitment to you. No timelines, No gimmicks – We are only happy when you are!”

Athena Menstrual Cup Cons: 

  1. No real information is available on the Athena Cup and the company appears to not even have a website. There are very few websites that have reviewed this product apart from this one. It’s usually a bad sign when there is no real information about the product on the Internet.
  2. Although the rating on Amazon is a very high 4.4/5, many reviews appear to have been in exchange for a discounted or free menstrual cup. Some of the reviews are over-the-top and appear to have been paid for.
  3. The unbiased reviews are not that great. Many women mention that it’s too soft and flimsy and doesn’t open up properly, unlike the stiffer period cups which snap into place.
  4. They claim to be on the FDA approved list, but we couldn’t find evidence of this.
  5. The sizing of the cup based on light-regular-heavy flow is very, very unusual in the menstrual cup world. Other cups are based on cervix height (low-high), as well as pre-vaginal birth or post-vaginal birth. Some cups also make a differentiation based on age, usually younger or older than 30.
  6. Deceptive marketing. They say that their small cup is great for someone with a low-cervix, but it’s actually not that short. They also say that their big cup is good for someone with a heavy flow, but the capacity actually isn’t that high.

The Takeaway on the Athena Cup:

Although this cup is about half the price of the more expensive cups, you get what you pay for. The Athena Menstrual Cup appears to be a cheap menstrual cup manufactured in China. Although it may indeed be made from high-quality silicone, it is uncertain. We HATE companies that don’t have official websites because it shows that the product is usually an afterthought, and making money is at the forefront.

The reviews on Amazon aren’t much help either because many of them appear to have been paid for. They are over the top and just seem fake when you’re reading them. Check out the 2-3 star reviews for the real-deal on this one. Many of them mention how flimsy this thing is. Flimsy means that while insertion is easy, it’s really difficult to get it to suction to the vaginal walls. Lack of suction results in leaking, a lot. It’s just not worth it! Trust us, leaking menstrual cups are not a good time.

Spend a Bit More Money for a Top-Quality Menstrual Cup

Diva Cup 1 Pre Childbirth
List Price: $25.99
Price: $25.87
You Save: $0.12
Price Disclaimer

You’d be better off spending a bit more money and buying a cup from a reputable company like Lunette, Moon Cup or Diva Cup that have been around a long time, have an established history, and are more up front about their product’s manufacturing. We REALLY hate recommending a menstrual cup that doesn’t have an official company website. This is a huge red flag in our books!

Check out this post, Are Menstrual Cups Expensive? for our breakdown of how much money you will be saving over the medium to long-term by using a menstrual cup instead of tampons or sanitary pads. When you consider the fact that you can use a menstrual cup for at least two years, and quite possibly up to 10, spending a few extra bucks up front for a top-quality one isn’t such a big deal. In our experience, the cheap cups like this one just aren’t worth the hassle.

Check out the Diva Cup, Instead of the Athena

Check out our top-rated menstrual cup, the Diva Cup on Amazon today:

It’s the period cup which most people start with, and for good reason. The Diva Cup is a top-quality cup manufactured in Canada from medical grade silicone. It’s a standard shape and size, and most people find it easy enough to insert and remove. It also doesn’t leak for most people and overall, it’s just an excellent menstrual cup.

Buy the Athena Menstrual Cup

If you must and want to save yourself a few bucks, you can buy the Athena Cup on Amazon:

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  1. I recently purchased a size Small Athena cup. Its capacity is marked 15 mL on the inside. Its entire length, rim to tip, is 6cm. Diameter is 4.25cm (at its widest). It’s extremely flexible, too much so I’m beginning to think. I’m looking at purchasing a more expensive cup that is more rigid. I’m 38, never had children, tight pelvic floor from yoga practice, light flow. I would like a smaller size cup. I feel like I’m unnecessarily inserting a Big Gulp :-/

  2. I’ve used Diva, Lynette, and one other brand that I can’t remember. I recently tried Athena because they had a coupon code. It’s by far my favorite cup. It seals better for me than all of the others. I left a review on Amazon, which is something I normally don’t do, because the cup was THAT good. I’ve used it for a few cycles now and it has no discoloration or staining. My only concern is that the material is actually medical grade silicone because the box just says silicone. I’ll continue to use this cup either way, and will likely purchase from them again in the future. Ten years of on and off cup use and this cup is the one that finally worked well for me. I also have a tilted uterus, which could be why I didn’t do well with some of the others.