Athena Menstrual Cup Review


Athena Menstrual Cup Review

The Athena Menstrual Cup has a 4.7/5 star rating on Amazon and it’s one of the cheapest menstrual cups available on Amazon USA. While the product description on Amazon claims that the Athena Menstrual Cup is made from “100% Platinum Medical Grade US DOW Corning Silicone,” there is no real information about this product available and it seems like the company doesn’t even have a website. A company without an official website usually equals an inferior product in our opinion. And what exactly is “platinum” silicone? We’ve never heard that term used before and we’ve reviewed 50+ menstrual cups!

The Athena Menstrual Cups appears to be very similar to the Dutchess Cup in terms of price, design and that both of them seem to be manufactured in China. Apart from that, it seems like there isn’t much information about this cup.

2 Sizes of Athena Menstrual Cup:

Size 1 (Small: Light to regular flow, pre-childbirth)

Size 2 (Large: Regular to heavy flow, post-childbirth)

People that Like the Athena Cup are Saying:

“It’s soft and flexible, but not too soft.”

“It was easy to use even for a first time user.”

Athena Menstrual Cup Pros:

  1. The price is certainly right. Many of the other cups like the Lunette, Moon Cup, or Diva Cup can run in the $30-40 range.
  2. There is a nice variety of colors (14).

Athena Menstrual Cup Cons: 

  1. No real information is available on the Athena Cup and the company appears to not even have a website. There are very few websites that have reviewed this product apart from this one. It’s usually a bad sign when there is no real information about the product on the Internet.
  2. Although the rating on Amazon is a very high 4.7/5, almost all the reviews appear to have been in exchange for a discounted or free menstrual cup. Some (many!) of the reviews are over-the-top and appear to have been paid for.
  3. The unbiased reviews are not that great. Many women mention that it’s too soft and flimsy and doesn’t open up properly, unlike the stiffer period cups which snap into place.

The Takeaway on the Athena Cup:

Although this cup is cheap, you get what you pay for. The Athena Menstrual Cup appears to be a copycat menstrual cup manufactured in China and although it may indeed be made from high-quality silicone, it is uncertain. We HATE companies that don’t have official websites because it shows that the product is usually an afterthought, and making money is at the forefront.

The reviews on Amazon aren’t much help either because most of them appear to have been paid for. They are over the top and just seem fake when you’re reading them.

You’d be better off spending a bit more money and buying a cup from a reputable company like Lunette, Moon Cup or Diva Cup that have been around a long time, have an established history, and are more up front about their product’s manufacturing. Check out our top-rated menstrual cup, the Diva Cup on Amazon today:

Buy the Athena Menstrual Cup

If you must, you can buy the Athena Cup on Amazon:

Athena Cup on Amazon

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