Blossom Menstrual Cup Review


A Review of the Blossom Menstrual Cup

The Blossom menstrual cup has a very decent 4.4/5 star rating on Amazon and it’s one of the most economical period cups on the market, coming in at under $20, which is far cheaper than products like the Diva Cup, Lunette Cup or Moon Cup. It’s made in the USA from  medical grade silicone that’s imported from Germany.

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Although the company claims to that the Blossom cup has been “FDA approved,” it in fact has not been (see FDA approved menstrual cups for more details). It may not be a reflection of poor quality however, since the cup only came onto the market in 2015 and there may not have been time for this to happen. But, it’s quite uncertain and the company’s website has no real information about this.

One thing that we do love about this cup is the huge variety of colours available. Why shouldn’t great period protection be fun too?

Blossom Menstrual Cup: 2 Sizes + 8 Colors

Small (for those who haven’t given birth)

Large (for those who have given birth)

People that Like The Blossom Menstrual Cup are Saying:

“Once I found the perfect fold, I loved it. It took a while to figure out though, so don’t give up. It seems like most of my friends (and me too) took at least 3 or 4 cycles to really get the hang of it.”

“I recommend the Blossom Cup to all my friends.”

“Someone finally made the perfect menstrual cup! For some reason, this one didn’t leak. I’ve tried the more expensive cups like the MoonCup and the Diva Cup but they just didn’t work well for me. Thankfully, I didn’t give up too soon.”

“Better than some of the more popular cups out there.”

The Blossom Period Cup Pros:

  1. Price. It’s about half the price of some of the more expensive cups out there.
  2. 8 Colors. Have your pick!
  3. It’s softer and easier to insert than some of the stiffer cups like the Diva Cup, or the Moon Cup.

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The Blossom Period Cup Cons: 

  1. Very soft and some women may find it difficult to insert correctly. It can take a while to find a fold that works for you.
  2. The cup is so soft that it doesn’t fill to the full capacity since part of it may remain folded inside the vaginal canal.
  3. There isn’t much information about this cup on the company’s website, and what is there is questionable. Where exactly is it manufactured? What are the dimensions of it? Is it FDA approved, or not? So many questions about this cup remain unanswered.
  4. The small seems really, really big. Many women thought they made an error in ordering (perhaps they did?) It doesn’t seem like there really is that much difference between the small and the large cup, unlike most other menstrual cups where the difference is quite obvious.

The Takeaway on the Blossom Cup:

I probably wouldn’t give the Blossom period cup my recommendation until the company releases more information about their product. As it stands, the lack of details and dubious claims leave a bad taste in my mouth and I’d rather support the more reputable companies out there (Diva Cup, Moon Cup, Lunette to name only a few).

If you’re looking for an economical cup under $25 USD, consider the Anigan Evacup, or the Lena Cup instead. They have a wealth of information about their products and great reviews on Amazon.

Check out the Anigan Evacup for yourself on Amazon today:

Buy the Blossom Menstrual Cup on Amazon

Size Small-Amazon

Size Large-Amazon


  1. carole

    You’re correct, the blossom cup is not FDA approved, but the medical grade silicone it’s formed with is FDA approved.. it’s just a play on words.. I love it, it’s cost effective,and does the job. I love the fact that it’s not as rigid as other cups that I’ve tried.. all tho I did find the stem to be a little pokey,so I cut it off..

  2. Charlotte

    I bought a large size blossomcup because I have delivered 2 kids through normal delivery. However, the cup is still too big for me, even after completely cutting off the stem.

    I definitely think the size of the person is more important than the fact of being over 30 or given birth before.

    I am a 5.5feet tall Asian, and small menstrual cup fits better.

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