BodyBay Menstrual Cup Review

2 Kinds of Menstrual Cups

In the world of menstrual cups, there are two basic categories by which they can be divided:

  1. The reputable manufacturers who are well established and offer top-quality menstrual cups at a reasonable price. Some of the most reputable menstrual cups in the world (to name only a few) are the Diva Cup, the Moon Cup, Anigan EvaCup and the Lunette Cup.
  2. The cheap menstrual cups, usually manufactured in China. They are too cheap to be true and it’s because they are not made of the highest quality medical grade silicone. There has been an increasing number of these cheap cups of dubious quality over the past couple of years. They are sourced from Alibaba and thrown up on Amazon for $5-10 a cup.

Think About It

But think about it. A period cup is something that you’re going to be putting into your body for 3-7 days out of every single month for years. Do you want a cheap product made with low-quality materials from a manufacturer that you know nothing about?

Or, would you rather have a product made from the highest quality medical grade silicone, manufactured in a Western country by a reputable country. I’ll spend the few extra dollars and take the latter any day. I hope you will too!

Which brings me to the Bodybay Menstrual Cup. It is most definitely not something I’d be putting into my body for the following reasons.

BodyBay Menstrual Cup: Too Cheap

Selling at 2 for $10, it is most certainly too cheap. They claim to be manufactured in the USA but if this were the case, they really could not sell them for that price. The cups manufactured in Canada or the USA by reputable companies sell for between $15 and $20 for a single cup.

Lack of Information

I looked for a company website, but they don’t have one. This is a serious red flag if the only information about the BodyBay Menstrual Cup is on Amazon. A real company has a website.

Fake Reviews for the BodyBay Menstrual Cup?

Although they do have a decent rating with 80+ reviews on Amazon, it seems like many of them are fake. Almost all of them are over the top and dissimilar to reviews of other menstrual cups. The few reviews that have a real quality to them are mostly negative.

Poor quality of English in the Amazon Product Description

Read the description on Amazon. The English is terrible and looks like it was done by Google translate. BodyBay menstrual cup is not an American company as far as I can tell.

Spend your Money on a Top Quality Menstrual Cup

Diva Cup Model 2 Menstrual Cup
List Price: $29.92
Price: $29.92
Price Disclaimer
 So if the BodyBay Menstrual Cup is a miss, then what should you buy? Check out this article for my top 10 menstrual cups.  Reviews, sizes, colors and all-round solid advice to help you out when buying your first menstrual cup.

Or, if you’re short on time, consider the Diva Cup. It’s the most popular menstrual cup in the world and for good reason. It’s a top quality product at a very reasonable price and it’s the menstrual cup to which all others are compared. Click on the picture to the left to buy it on Amazon. Give the BodyBay Menstrual Cup a big miss!

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  1. I wanted to try the cup so i bought a body bay cup, lloved it so much that i then tried a EvaCup, they are EXACTLY the same! the same wuality material, same color, size everything.. i use both and have the same results.. so i dont find it so alarming to use a cheap cup, even if it is made in China (everyting is made in china, they make thousands of items and thats why they are cheaper!) Im a doctor by the way 😉

    • How do we know if this is just a ploy to purchase The Diva Cup which I found to be too rigid, hard to insert and felt it in me all day? I was using The Keeper in ’99 to ’01.

      • I couldnt say, I understand the renowned brands to want to take the cheap ones out of the market since they made the “first” ones and have invested much in certifications, FDA approval etc.. but as far as i have seen the cheap chinese ones and the “brand” ones are exactly the same if comparing the cup vs cup (not the box, instructions, etc..) try a cheap one.. they are so confortable you dont feel it 😉

  2. This product is amazing! I got it about a month ago and wanted to use it because I have a heavy flow. I was a little scared because I use pads not a fan of tampons.
    I used this product and I was mind blown. Not only did I only have to dump the cup twice but after I watched the video of how to use it, there were no leaks. I’m super excited because I have just save a ton of money on buying pads.
    I have a very sensitive body so it’s great that it’s silicone and also I just boil the cup and it’s great to reuse.
    Great product and I would highly recommend this on any day!!!

  3. I know there are all these warnings about the Chinese cups, but honestly, the Chinese just understand my vagina better than every other cup manufacturing country 😉 I have very specific cup needs (extreme softness, extreme length, and a certain type of stem due to a very high and tilted cervix). I’ve had good luck with the iCare (except the flat tab stem, which tends to rub the wrong way on a tilted cervix), Monzcare R-Cup (for low cervix/light days), the one with the heart on the side of the cup (no name that I know of), and I’m just about to try the Bodybay. I like my SuperJennie but it is too short on some days, the rim is too thick and I have to pee all the time with it, so I’ve been looking for something with near that kind of capacity that won’t leave me running off to pee every hour. We’ll see(I won’t get to try it for a few weeks)

  4. So, my friend and I tried out the “Duchess Cups” first because they were on sale, and I absolutely loved it. No leaks, mild cramping (but not nearly as bad as I got with tampons), no problems. I ended up losing mine and buying a new one. I bought whatever looked closest to the Duchess Cup on Amazon. Ended up with the BodyBay one.

    Honestly, I am less than impressed. It doesn’t like to pop open like it should and seems to be too soft. Even when I am certain that it has popped open and sealed, it tends to leak if I am not sitting or lying down. I believe this may be because it is so soft that my muscles easily break the seal while walking around. Also, the tail on it was WAY longer than I think anyone would ever need, but I guess that is easily fixable just by cutting it shorter.

    I also have a left-tilted, high cervix so that may contribute to the issues. Either way, if choosing between this one and the Duchess Cup (which is only $5 more), I would choose the Duchess Cup especially for your first cup. I know it is tempting to try and find the softest cup because we have been taught that softness = comfort, but you do really need some level of firmness in order for it to seal and work properly.