Cleo Cup Menstrual Cup Review

Cleo Cup Review


The Cleo Cup is made by an Australian company, but the actual period cup is manufactured in China. However, it does appear to be made from the highest quality medical grade silicone and the company seems reputable. Compare this to something like the Hengsong Cup, also made in China, which is astoundingly cheap, but of dubious quality.

It has a very high 4.7/5 star rating on Amazon, but it appears that many of these reviews were in exchange for a free or discounted menstrual cup, so this shouldn’t be entirely trusted. For a menstrual cup manufactured in China, it’s quite expensive. Compare this to something like the Dutchess Cup, also manufactured in China that is almost 1/2 the price.

2 Sizes of Cleo Cup:

Small: 30 ml capacity

Large: 30 ml capacity

I could find no information about the exact dimensions of this cup, including length and diameter.

People that Like it are Saying:

“It works well and doesn’t leak as much as the Diva Cup”

“I liked the instructions and all the useful tips they included.”

“It was really easy to use and it also worked!”

Cleo Cup Pros:

  1. Women that use this cup generally seem to like it, commenting that is doesn’t leak.
  2. Somewhat difficult to remove since it’s very stiff.
  3. Can be difficult to get to pop open once inside of you, again due to the stiffness of it.

Cleo Cup Cons:

  1. The lack of information, especially about sizing.
  2. The company website, entitled “My awesome landing page,” is certainly not professional to say the least. There’s almost no real information that isn’t hard sales copy.
  3. For a period cup made in China, it’s quite expensive.

The Takeaway: 

As far as menstrual cups go, this one isn’t a terrible choice, but it’s also not a great one either. Despite being manufactured in China, it does seem like a quality cup, however it’s also quite expensive. If you’re going to spend in the $30 price range for a period cup, you’d do well to consider some of the following options, from companies that have been around a whole lot longer and have an excellent reputation:

Moon Cup

Diva Cup

The Keeper Cup

Buy the Cleo Menstrual Cup:

You can buy the Cleo Cup easily on Amazon:

Cleo Menstrual Cup on Amazon


  1. Natalie Watson

    It’s now selling both cups in one package for a little less than $30 on Amazon. Also had 2 different styles of pouches, zipper and pull string. Since offering both cups, I find it a much better value than others listed since I won’t waste money trying to figure my size which was small despite being 40 yrs. As for exchange of discounted cup for a review…why the heck would you give a good review for a product you didn’t like just so you could get more of a product that didn’t work for you? That’s dumb! What it does do, is give motivation to those that really liked it but would otherwise not go to the time and effort to write a review because they are not connected at the brain by electronic devices. I liked it.

  2. Kelly C.

    I really haven’t been impressed with mine. I have issues getting it to suction and have had a lot of issues with leakage…..which is the exact reason I wanted to go with a cup in the first place.

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