Diamond Cup: Review of this New Menstrual Cup

Diamond Cup Review


The Diamond Cup is a new menstrual cup that is available on Amazon for around $16. The company claims to help women in developing countries, although how exactly they do this is unclear. In one promotional picture they say that they donate one cup to a women in a third world country for every one that is purchased. On their website they say that you can sign-up for “VIP membership” and in exchange for giving them your email address, they’ll donate $1 to a charity that supports women. What they actually do it certainly confusing, but let’s look at whether or not the Diamond Cup is one that you should consider buying.

The Diamond Cup: 2 Sizes

Size A (princess small): C-section, pre-childbirth

Size B (emerald large): Post-vaginal birth

Again, this company suffers from some mixed messaging. In one place they use size A/B and then in another they use Princess small/Emerald large. However, the two cup sizes (small/large) are pretty standard amongst menstrual cups. Despite looking all over their website and on the Amazon product description, I was unable to find the exact dimensions of the two Diamond Cups.

People that like the Diamond Cup are Saying: 

“The silicone is quite soft and the stem is smooth. This makes insertion and removal quite easy”

“The Diamond cup is made of a very soft material so it takes a while to get used to inserting it. But, I’m getting the hang of it”

“I was terrified to try a menstrual cup, but once you figure it out, it’s amazing!”


Diamond Cup Pros:

  • The price. At around $16, it’s half the cost of the more expensive menstrual cups (Lunette, Diva Cup or Moon Cup).
  • It’s very pliable. If you have tried one of the firmer cups (the Diva Cup or Moon Cup) and didn’t like them, this may be one to consider.
  • They seem committed to helping women in developing countries. How exactly they do this is a bit unclear however.
  • Diamond Cups are manufactured in the USA from German manufactured medical grade silicone.

Diamond Cup Cons:

  • They are very soft and pliable. This can make insertion difficult as they don’t pop open or snap into place like the firmer menstrual cups.
  • Reports of leaking as well as being quite difficult to remove (the stem is shorter than other cups and there are no grip rings)
  • Lack of specific information about the dimensions
  • Confusing messaging on their website/Amazon description

The Takeaway on the Diamond Cup: 

The Diamond Cup is a newcomer to the menstrual cup world. While they perhaps do make a decent cup (it’s manufactured in the USA), there isn’t a whole lot of information about it. For example, I’d like to know the exact dimensions of the two sizes of cups in order to be able to recommend it for certain types of body shapes. Most of the reviews appear to have in exchange for a free period cup.

It does appear that the Diamond Cup is very thin and pliable, which some women love. There is also a very short stem, which could perhaps be good for those with a low cervix, but it’s unclear what the total length is. This short stem can also make removal quite difficult for some. It terms of shape, it’s pretty standard and compares to the other popular menstrual cups on the market today.

The company does seem committed to helping women in the developing world, but again, I’d like more specific details about how they do it. This menstrual cup is on my “wait and see” list. Hopefully the company sees this review and will give more detailed information about these two things.

You can easily get the Diamond Cup on Amazon:


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