Dutchess Menstrual Cup Review

The Dutchess Cup: An Introduction

The Dutchess Menstrual Cup  is manufactured in China, but it’s made from the highest quality medical grade silicone according to the highest standards. It’s available on Amazon, in both small (size B) and large (size A).

An Odd Marketing Strategy

The company has kind of a strange marketing strategy in that they sell two cups together-a pink, and a purple. It’s one of the cheapest period cups on the market and it’s half what some of the more expensive cups cost (the Lunette Cup and the Diva Cup, for example).

However, nobody really needs two menstrual cups as one can last for at least a couple of years, or even longer (see: how long does a menstrual cup last?). If you can find a friend or family member to share the package with, the Dutchess Cup could be a good choice for you. Hopefully in the future, this company will also start to sell the cups individually which would make it a nice, economical option.

What People are Saying on Amazon

The Dutchess Menstrual Cup has a 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon and people are saying things like:

“It’s good for beginners”

“It’s thinner and more pliable than the other menstrual cups.”

“I switched from the Diva Cup and I’m much happier with this one.”

Dutchess Cup

The Dutchess Cup Pros:

1. Thinner and more pliable than the Diva Cup or the Moon Cup which can ensure a better fit for many women.

2. Great customer service from this company.

3. Very comfortable and reports of not leaking when other menstrual cups like the Diva Cup have.

4. Per cup, it’s one of the cheaper ones on the market at around $15.

5. The small size (B) has one of the smallest diameters and shortest lengths of menstrual cups on the market, making it an excellent choice for smaller women. However, the capacity is a meager 20 ml, which doesn’t make it ideal for those with heavier flows.

6. The large size (A) has one of the bigger diameters of period cups on the market, making it an excellent choice for larger women.

The Dutchess Cup Cons:

1. The length is relatively short compared to other cups which can make removal a bit difficult for some.

2. They sell two cups in one package, but nobody needs two menstrual cups!

3. Reports of difficulties with the cup opening after insertion since the silicone is more pliable and doesn’t just “snap” into place easily.

People that don’t like it are saying things on Amazon like:

“Insertion was hard”
“Had high hopes but these didn’t deliver”
“Very leaky and hard to take out”

The Takeaway:

If you’re looking for an economical cup that is either smaller, or larger than average, the Dutchess menstrual cup may be the one for you. It’s also an excellent choice if you have a low cervix since the length is shorter than most other ones on on the market.

Be prepared, however, to wiggle it around once it’s inside you since it won’t snap into place as easily as some of the other menstrual cups like the Diva Cup. However, this flexibility can ensure a better fit, but it does take a little bit to get it inserted correctly.

Buy the Dutchess Menstrual Cup on Amazon

Dutchess Cup, Size Small: Amazon

Dutchess Cup, Size Large: Amazon

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