FleurCup Menstrual Cup Review: Is it for you?

Fleurcup Menstrual Cup Review

FleurCup Pros and Cons

The Fleurcup, made in France has a 4.3/5 star rating on Amazon. This menstrual cup makes a decent choice as it’s manufactured from the highest quality medical grade silicone by a reputable company that has been in business for years. Here at Reusable Menstrual Cups, we love European made sanitary cups. They’re top-quality, albeit a bit expensive sometimes. Our favourite menstrual cups from Europe include the Lunette Cup (Finland) and the MoonCup (England).

Many women like the flat stem as well as the ridges and bumps on the bottom of the Fleurcup. They comment that it makes removal of this cup very easy as compared to cups with a round stem like the Diva Cup or Moon Cup. However, some women find the flat stem uncomfortable once it’s inside of them.

Low Cervix? This might be the Menstrual Cup for You

If you have a low to medium cervix, it can be hard to find a menstrual cup that works for you. Many of them are too long, at around 70 mm in total length. You’ll often have to do things like flip the cup inside out, reducing the capacity, or cut the stem off, which reduces the durability of it. Obviously these two solutions just mentioned are not ideal.

This is where something like the FleurCup can make an excellent choice. The small has a length of 47 mm, and the large comes in at 52 mm. Compare this to the more popular menstrual cups at 70 mm. While it can make removal a bit more difficult, it’s amazing for people with a low cervix. No more stem sticking out! In particular, we love the large size Fleurcup. It has an above average capacity of 35 ml (compare to average cups at 30 ml), but still is a very short 52 mm. If you have a heavy period, but a low cervix, consider this one.

Buy the FleurCup

It can be a little bit difficult to find the Fleurcup outside of France at physical stores. It’s not a very popular cup. However, you can get it easily on Amazon. Check it out for yourself today:

Two Sizes of Fleurcup:

The Fleurcup: Small: Under 30, light flow, pre-birth. 41 mm diameter, 47 mm length, 25 ml capacity.

The Fleurcup: Large: Over 30, heavier flow, post-birth. 46 mm diameter, 52 mm length, 35 ml capacity.

Fleurcup Pros:

  1. This period cup is manufactured in France and perfect for Europeans who like to shop local.
  2. It’s a reputable company that has been in business for years. You can trust that this product is manufactured from medical grade silicone according to the highest quality standards.
  3. The length (47 mm + 52 mm) is much shorter than some of the other cups, which can be upwards of 70 mm. It can make an excellent choice for women with a low cervix/short vaginal canal.
  4. The large size has a capacity of 35 ml (Diva Cup = 30 ml), making it a good choice for women with a heavy flow, especially at night.
  5. This cup pops open really easily so that most women are able to get it positioned correctly and prevent leaks.
  6. It’s decently priced.

Fleurcup Cons: 

  1. The silicone is very dense and it pops open really easily. This is good for some, but it can be difficult to insert. You have to fold the cup and make it smaller to insert into the vagina, but if it’s too stiff, it won’t be so easy to do this.
  2. The ridges on the bottom of the cup are very pronounced. This can make removal very easy but some women report that it’s very uncomfortable and that the ridges feel “sharp” once inside of them.
  3. The company has a terrible website! It’s surprising that they wouldn’t invest some money into a decent English website if they’re selling their product on Amazon USA. I won’t even link to it, it’s so bad!

The Takeaway on the FleurCup Menstrual Cup: 

The Fleurcup isn’t a bad option, but it’s certainly not one of the more popular cups in the world and there are very few reviews on Amazon in either the UK or USA store. You could consider one of the more established menstrual cups, which you can find in these two places:

10 Best Menstrual Cup Brands

Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart

The main reason that you might buy a FleurCup is if you’re from France and like to shop local. Support your economy! The other reason is if you have a very heavy period, but also a low cervix. It can be pretty difficult to find a cup that will work for you. However, the the large size FleurCup make an excellent choice for you.

Buy the FleurCup on Amazon: 

Amazon USA

Amazon UK

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