High Capacity Menstrual Cups: Find the One for You

The Anigan EvaCup

Find the Best High Capacity Menstrual Cup

If you have a heavy period, you may be frustrated with using tampons or pads. The average jumbo tampon holds only around 12 ml of fluid. This means that you may find yourself changing it every hour or two on your heaviest days. This is a huge burden and not what you want to be doing, most certainly!

Finding a bathroom on the road can be difficult. Forget that hike, or kayak trip on your heaviest flow days. It might seem impossible to do anything besides staying at home. However, there is some good news for you! There is a much, much better options than tampons if you have a heavy flow-a high-capacity menstrual cup.

Higher Capacity than Tampons

Menstrual Cups are an excellent option if you have a heavy flow, because they average around 30 ml capacity. This is around 3x more than the biggest jumbo tampon. Although it is a bit more time-consuming and difficult to insert, take out empty, clean and then reinsert the cup, it’s easy once you get the hang of it. Most people find that it only takes a minute or two after a few cycles of practice.

Don’t try a menstrual cup a couple of times, get frustrated and then give up because it leaks. It really does take some time to figure it out.

Change Menstrual Cups Less Frequently

Menstrual cups should be changed every 12 hours if you have a very light flow. During your heaviest flow days or nights, you’ll find that changing it every 3-4 hours should work for you. For example, if you soak through a jumbo tampon in two hours, you’ll probably have to change a menstrual cup every 5-6 hours.

Sleep Through the Night

One of the huge benefits of menstrual cups is that they allow you to sleep through the night during your period! Pair a high capacity menstrual cup with something like a reusable cloth pad and you should be good to go. No more stained sheets. No more sleepless nights. Menstrual cups really a game changer. Try one out for yourself-it’ll change your life for the better. And you’ll be telling all your friends and family members about it too!

Our Picks for High Capacity Period Cups

Let’s check out some high capacity menstrual cups that will help you get the most bang for your buck. While the average cup has a capacity of around 30 ml, these ones are bigger than that. Some like the Meluna Cup, and the Super Jenny are even up to 42 ml, which will allow you to change it even less frequently. Keep on reading for our list of highest capacity period cups. If you have a heavy period, one of these period cups is most definitely what you need!

#1 High Capacity Menstrual Cup: Anigan Evacup (Large)

The Anigan EvaCup is one of the most popular menstrual cups on the market today. Although it’s a relative newcomer when compared to the Diva Cup, Lunette Cup, or MoonCup, it’s an excellent option for a high capacity cup. It’s made in the USA from medical grade silicone, according to the strictest manufacturing standards.

The best part about the Anigan EvaCup is that the large model has a capacity of 37 ml. This is one of the highest on the market today. If you have a heavy period, this high-capacity menstrual cup should have some serious staying power! The second best thing is that it’s a few dollars cheaper than some of the older, more established cups. Plus, it seems to fit well for most people. These reasons make it our top pick for high capacity menstrual cup.

You can check out the Anigan EvaCup for yourself on Amazon today:

#2 High Capacity Menstrual Cup: The Super Jennie

The Super Jennie Menstrual Cup is another great choice for a high-capacity cup. Similar to the Anigan EvaCup, it’s made in the USA and a newcomer to the menstrual cup world. As of July 2017, there aren’t a lot of reviews for this cup. However, the few that are there seem quite positive.

The large Super Jennie has an extremely high capacity of 42 ml. This is the largest cup that we’re aware of. If you have a particularly heavy flow, this may be the menstrual cup for you. 42 ml is around 3.5x the capacity of a jumbo tampon and around 1/3 more of an average large size menstrual cup.

One thing to be aware of is that the diameter of this cup is also very large, at 47 mm. This does not make it a suitable choice for a smaller person. It also likely won’t work that well for someone who hasn’t given birth vaginally.

The best place to get the large Super Jennie Menstrual Cup is on Amazon. Because it’s so new to the scene, it’s almost impossible to find at your local drugstore. Check it out for yourself today:

#3 High Capacity Menstrual Cup: The Meluna Cup

List Price: £15.18
Price: £15.18
Price Disclaimer

Taking the third spot in our list of high capacity menstrual cups is the Meluna Cup. It has good user ratings on Amazon, and is also very affordable. On average, it’s 1/2-1/3 cheaper than the more expensive menstrual cups on the market.

The thing that we love most about the Meluna Cup is the huge range of choices for sizes. Most menstrual cups come in only two sizes-small/pre-childbirth, or large/post-childbirth. However, the Meluna Cup has a total of eight sizes, making it very easy to find the one that works for your body.

The large, regular length Meluna Cup has a very high capacity of 42 ml. Along with the Super Jennie, this is the highest capacity on the market today. Compare that to the large size of standard menstrual cups that come in at around 30 ml.

The Meluna Cup is not one of the most popular menstrual cup brands and you may have a difficult time finding it at your local drugstore. The best place to find it is on Amazon. You’ll have the full range of sizes available to you and shipping is often free with Amazon Prime. Check out this high-capacity menstrual cup for yourself on Amazon today:



  1. Jackie

    Hi, I have been experiencing heavy menstrual bleeding for almost 2 years which means that I go through a lot of tampons. I have disposable menstrual cups but the last time that I tried to use them, I had a severe cramping then a vasovagal response. It freaked me out so I never tried to use them again. Any tips on how to prevent feeling that way again?

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