Instead Disposable Menstrual Cup Pros and Cons

Instead Disposable Menstrual Cup Review

Welcome to our review of the Instead Disposable Menstrual Cup. We’ll give you all the details about the Instead menstrual cup to know if it’s right for you and your body type.

This “Cup” is a bit unusual in the world of menstrual cups because unlike products like The Moon Cup, or the Diva Cup, it’s totally disposable. It’s not even really a “cup” shape like other menstrual cups, but is more like a pouch that holds menstrual fluid.

The other very unusual thing about the Instead Menstrual Cup is that it doesn’t have a stem, which means that it can be worn during sex. It fits right up under your cervix which is what allows sexual intercourse. Many couples report having penetrative sex without mess and any sort of discomfort while wearing the Instead Cup. Amazing! Check it out for yourself to see if it solves the “messy sex” problem.

Instead Disposable Menstrual Cup Insertion

It’s not all glitter and gold with the Instead Disposable Menstrual Cup however! It can be a little bit difficult to insert and remove for some women. Instead of putting it into your vaginal canal and then “popping” into place like with a normal period cup, you actually have to insert this one right up under your cervix. This can be especially difficult if you have a long vaginal canal, or are unsure about how to find yours.

The Instead Cup manufacturer suggests that you can wear this product for about double the time that you would a tampon. This is similar to a regular menstrual cup that can hold around 30 ml of fluid, as compared to a jumbo tampon that holds around 15 ml.

What People are Saying about the Instead Menstrual Cup…

The Instead disposable menstrual cup has a 4/5 star rating on Amazon and people are saying things like:

“Have sex with no more blood on the sheets! It takes a while to figure out how to insert it correctly, but be patient with yourself. Once you get the hang of it, it’s not so difficult.”

“I’ll never go back to tampons or pads after using these. I found this one more comfortable than more traditional menstrual cups for whatever reason.”

“Amazing. I recommend Instead disposable cups to all my friends. They had no idea there was a product that allowed them to have sex during their period!”

Instead Menstrual Cup Pros:

1. It’s the only menstrual cup that can be worn during sexual intercourse. Sex, mess free!

2. It’s disposable so no messy clean ups. Just bring a fresh one with you in your bag when you’re on the go. No more cleaning up a regular cup in public washrooms.

3. It’s an option to try for those who experience leaking with traditional menstrual cups. It’s designed differently so might work better for some women.

4. Unlike tampons, it doesn’t leave the vagina dry during menstruation so the PH balance is maintained.

Instead Menstrual Cup Cons:

1. It collects less fluid than a standard menstrual cup so you’ll have to change it every few hours on your days with the heaviest flow. It may not last the entire night, unlike most large menstrual cups. See this menstrual cup comparison chart for the largest capacity cups.

2. It’s disposable. One of the main reasons women buy a menstrual cup is for environmental reasons because they can last for years.

3. Unlike silicone, it can sometimes cause an allergic reaction for some women.

4. Those with short and/or fat fingers may find insertion difficult because you have to push it all the way into the correct position just below your cervix.

5. It’s too big for some women and only comes in one size.

6. The learning curve can be a bit steep. You have to know where your cervix is and put the Instead Cup right under it, ensuring a good seal with your vaginal wall.

Buy the Instead Disposable Menstrual Cup

Instead 12 Hour Feminine Protection Cup 24 ea
List Price: $49.99
Price: $49.99
Price Disclaimer

Does it sound like the Instead Disposable Menstrual Cup is right for you? There are a lot of pros to it, and very few negatives. If you’re looking for an economical, environmentally friendly menstrual cup, this may not be the one for you. The disposable nature of it means it really is not these things.

However, if you’re looking for something you can wear while having penetrative sex during your period, minus all the mess and hassle, the Instead Disposable Menstrual Cup may be the one for you! There are a few other choices, namely a reusable sea sponge, but the Instead Cup is an easier, hassle free choice that most women are very happy with.

Try it out for yourself today! You can get a box for a very reasonable price on Amazon:

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