LadyCup Review

An Introduction to the LadyCup Menstrual Cup

The LadyCup is a menstrual cup out of the Czech Republic. Here at Reusable Menstrual Cups, we love menstrual cups that are made in Europe because they contain top-quality, medical-grade silicone and are manufactured according to strict standards. The LadyCup is no exception to this-it’s a great cup at a very reasonable price.

Huge Variety of Cute Colours

The main selling point for the Lady Cup is the huge variety of cute colours-way more than most other cups which may only have one or two options. There are currently 17 colours, and you can even vote on which one you want them to make next.

One Big Negative

The big negative to the LadyCup is that we wish there was more information about the company and the manufacturing. For example, they say that the LadyCup is manufactured in the EU, but give no additional information. We had a very difficult time finding out where the company is based, as well as who started it (we never did find out!).

 Lady Cup Sizes

There are two sizes of LadyCup: Small and Large. If you’re not sure about which size you need, just order one. If it’s the wrong one, return your cup to the company and they’ll send you the other size. Love it? We sure do and wish that more menstrual cup companies would have the same policy. Please note: there are some reports online about this being quite difficult to do, in actual practice!

The company recommends the small cup for someone who has not given birth vaginally, or is up to 25 years in age. The large is for someone who has given birth vaginally, or is over 25 years in age. We love that their small really is a small cup, while the large really is a large one with quite a high capacity (perfect for someone with a heavy period).

LadyCup Small: 
  • diameter 40 mm
  • length 46 mm
  • stem length: 19 mm
  • max. volume 21 ml
LadyCup Large:
  • diameter 46 mm
  • length 53 mm
  • stem length: 13 mm
  • max. volume 34 ml

The company mentions cutting off the stem if you find it too long. This may indeed be the case if you have a low cervix. Of course, start small and only cut off a centimetre or two at a time because you want to cut off the smallest amount possible in order to assist with removal.

LadyCup Pros:

  • Made in Europe with the highest quality silicone.
  • 17 colours to choose from!
  • You can exchange the small for the large and vice-versa (for free).
  • The large has a very high volume, making it perfect if you have a heavy flow.
  • Small is suitable for smaller people and/or teens.
  • 100% smooth surface (no ridges or holes) makes cleaning very easy.
  • Can last for up to 15 years, with proper care.
  • 2 year guarantee on this cup.

LadyCup Cons:

  • A lack of information about the company.
  • A lack of information about the manufacturing process.
  • It’s one of the more expensive menstrual cups on the market today.
  • There have been some reports about people receiving packages from this company that have already been opened. Or, a exchange for a difference menstrual cup size that ended up being lost for months.

What People are Saying about the LadyCup on Amazon

“I finally found a menstrual cup that works well for me. This one doesn’t leak, unlike some of the other ones that I’ve tried.”


“The grips on the stem work very well for getting a good grasp on it when I’m trying to remove it.”


“I love how comfortable the Lady Cup is, and also the great value for the money.”

Buy the LadyCup

This menstrual cup is not readily available in stores, especially outside of Europe. The best place to get it is on Amazon. Although it can be quite difficult to find on Amazon marketplaces outside of Europe. You can check it out here:

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Care and Cleaning of the LadyCup

Care and cleaning of this menstrual cup is very easy because there are no holes or ridges. Most menstrual cups have these markings, and at times, you’ll need an old toothbrush to scrub the nooks and crannies. However, the Lady Cup makes it easy for you. Here is what the company recommends for care and cleaning:

Wash your Hands

You should always wash your hands before handling a menstrual cup, or inserting and removing it. This helps to prevent things like yeast infections that can happen if you introduce foreign germs into your vaginal canal.

Soap and Water

The company recommends cleaning your sanitary cup with plain soap and water during your period. Use a non-scented, gentle soap however, and certainly not something that is abrasive. You can also use something like the Pixie Cup Wash, or the Lunette Feelbetter Menstrual Cup Cleanser. 

Don’t let Menstrual Fluid Dry 

If you let the menstrual fluid dry on your cup, it’ll be harder to clean. Take care of it as soon as possible.

Lady Cup Storage Between Cycles

If you store your menstrual cup away from UV radiation (the sun), the colour will be maintained a lot better. After your period is done, clean the cup thoroughly with soap and water. Or, you can sterilize it by boiling it for 5-7 minutes in a deep, wide pot on the stove. Don’t let the cup touch the sides or bottom.

Let the cup dry well, and then put it into the cotton bag that came with it. We recommend putting it into a drawer to keep it out of the sun. However, make sure there is good air flow because nothing ruins a menstrual cup faster than storing it in an airtight place. With proper care, they suggest that their cup can last for up to 15 years.

See: How Often to Replace a Menstrual Cup.

What about the LadyP?

The company makes another product, The LadyP, which is readily available on Amazon. You can also order the Lady Cup in a package along with the LadyP.

The LadyP is a device that allows women to pee while standing up. This could be very useful for something like camping or backpacking, or in certain occupations where you have to go up in something like a lift for long periods of time. It’s also great for traveling in underdeveloped countries.

Get the LadyP on Amazon

Check out the LadyP for yourself on Amazon:

The Takeaway on the LadyCup

Overall, the Lady Cup is an okay, but it’s one of the most expensive cups you can buy and we’re not sure the high price is worth it. We do like the guarantees offered by the company, including 2 years on the materials, and a free exchange if you got the wrong size. But, if Amazon reviews are any indication, you may have a pretty difficult time getting a hold of the company to claim this.

We also like that the large size really is large. This makes it perfect for someone with a heavy period. And the small LadyCup really is small, making it a good choice for a smaller person, or a teenager. The 15+ colours are a nice selling point too. Why shouldn’t feminine hygiene products be cute and fun?

Buy the Lady Cup

If the Lady Cup sounds like it’s the one for you, you can check it out for yourself on Amazon today:

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