Leasen Menstrual Cup Review

Two Kinds of Menstrual Cups

In the world of menstrual cups, there are two basic categories: the cheap menstrual cups from China, and the high-quality cups manufactured in the Western world (North America, or Europe mainly). The cheap menstrual cups have a few things in common, including:

  • No company website
  • Reviews that appear to be fake
  • Spelling/grammatical errors on their Amazon descriptions
  • Cheap low-grade silicone used to manufacture them
  • Have only been around a few weeks or months
  • Priced at around $10 USD or less

The higher quality cups such as the Diva Cup, Moon Cup, Lena Cup, Anigan Evacup, and Lunette Cup have been around for years. These cups cost $20+, but you get what you pay for! In this case, you’re getting a safe product at a fair price. These cups are manufactured in Canada, the USA or Europe out of the highest quality medical grade silicone. The companies have websites, and customer service reps should you need any help with your product. They usually offer a money back guarantee and there for in case you’re not 100% satisfied for whatever reason.

Think about it. A menstrual cup is something that you’re putting inside your body for up to a week each month. Don’t you want a product that you can trust?

Leasen Menstrual Cup: Introduction

This now brings us to the LEASEN Menstrual Cup. Priced at around $10, this appears to be another one of the cheap menstrual cups from China. There is no company website and no additional information about the product, besides the description on Amazon. Although the product description on Amazon is quite detailed, the reviews seem a bit over the top. This often means that the company paid for reviews, instead of getting them naturally.

Upon taking a quick look at the product description on Amazon, we came across the following:

“Hygeian and Non-bacteria.”

“Special design of the handle make you operate the silicone menstrual cup easily, non-slip.”

This was only a small selection of the Google Translate gibberish that we found. If a company doesn’t care enough about their product to get their product description right, they likely don’t care about the product itself.

In terms of shape and size, the Leasen Menstrual Cup looks similar to other popular period cups. The major difference however is the length. At 75mm (small) and 80 mm (large), this menstrual cup is 5-10mm longer than most other ones. This could lead to some serious discomfort for a lot of women out there with shorter vaginal canals.

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Leasen Menstrual Cup Sizes:

There are two sizes of Leasen Menstrual Cup, small and large. Here are the dimensions:

Leasen Cup Small: capacity 25 ml, length 75 mm, diameter 40 mm.

Leasen Cup Large: capacity 30 ml, length 80 mm, diamter 45 mm.

In terms of sizing, the Leasen is quite a bit longer than most other menstrual cups, particularly the large one. However, the capacity is only average. This makes it not an ideal choice for people with a low-medium cervix, or those with a particularly heavy period.

Leasen Menstrual Cup: Give it a Pass!

We think that you should give the Leasen Menstrual Cup a wide berth for a few different reasons. We’ll give a bit more detail about each one here.

Not Enough Information

The only information we could find about the Leasen Menstrual Cup is on Amazon. This is usually a bad sign if a company doesn’t have a website. This means that someone used Alibaba to source some cheap products from China and then is selling them on Amazon, hoping to make a quick buck.

All the legitimate menstrual cups have decent company websites with blogs, contact information, sales information, etc. They are in it for the long-haul and plan on being around for years.

Real Reviews aren’t Great

If you look at the 1 and 2 star reviews, they aren’t great! The 5 star reviews seem a bit over the top and our guess is that the company paid people to write them. The 1 and 2 star reviews mention that the Leasen Menstrual Cup is very uncomfortable. Numerous reviewers also mention some serious leaking. Discomfort and leaking? This is NOT what a menstrual cup experience should be.

The Small One is Big!

The small Leasen Menstrual Cup is huge! It’s way longer and bigger than some of the “large” menstrual cups out there. This cup will in no way be appropriate for smaller women, of those who’ve never give birth.

There are Better Cups out There: The Anigan Evacup!

This is the most important reason to give the Leasen Cup a miss. There are many, many top-quality period cups out there for you to choose from. There really is no reason why this one should be on your radar. It’s a low-quality cup most likely not made from medical grade silicone. The cup was manufactured as cheaply as possible and even if it does fit, will likely not last more than a few cycles.

If you’re going to spend $10 on a menstrual cup, why not splurge a little and get yourself a way better cup for $20 or $30? Something like the Anigan Evacup is a way better choice! It’s a top-quality menstrual cup made in the USA, but is very affordable. There are thousands of satisfied customers, as demonstrated by Amazon reviews. Anigan is a real company that puts out a range of feminine hygiene products, including period panties. 

Check out the Anigan Evacup on Amazon today:


Or, if you must, here’s the link to the LEASEN Menstrual Cup:




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  1. Rosie

    I got one and honestly it’s the worst. It works, but just. I usually don’]t go a day without leaking and it is very large. I had to cut the stem off completely as it was just too uncomfortable to wear.

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