Lily Cup Compact Review

Lily Cup

The Lily Cup is very unusual in the world of menstrual cups in that it’s the only one on the market that is fully collapsible, folding to the size of about three OB tampons. It comes with a case that can fit easily into your purse to keep with you in case of surprises while out and about.

This period cup is made in Sweden from the highest quality medical grade silicone and has a very high 4.6/5 star rating on Amazon. It’s one of the more expensive menstrual cups (along with the Lunette Cup), but it’s perhaps worth it if you’re looking for a compact menstrual cup, perfect for something like backpacking.

Lily Cup Compact: Two Sizes

Lily Cup Size A: Light-medium flow + has not given birth vaginally. 18 ml capacity, diameter 42 mm, length 58 mm.

Lily Cup Size B: Light-medium flow + has given birth vaginally. 23 ml capacity, diameter 45 mm, length 58 mm.

People that Like it are Saying:

“It’s very soft but doesn’t collapse when being inserted.”

“It’s easier to carry around because it’s collapsible, but inserting it can be a little bit tricky.”

Lily Cup Compact Pros:

  1. It’s made in Europe (Sweden) from the highest quality medical grade silicone and by a trusted name in women’s health (Intimima).
  2. It’s the only collapsible cup and perfect for when space is at a premium such as in a small purse or when backpacking.

Lily Cup Compact Cons:

  1. The cup is extremely soft silicone, which can make insertion more difficult than with something like the very stiff Diva Cup. It doesn’t just pop into place and it can also collapse when trying to insert it.
  2. It can be quite difficult to break the seal when removing the cup because it’s so soft.
  3. It’s one of the most expensive cups on the market. If you’re looking for something more economical (but not collapsible), try out the Lena Cup or Anigan Evacup.
  4. At 18 ml + 23 ml, the capacities of these cups are some of the smallest on the market. It will not be suitable for anyone with even a moderate flow, especially overnight. See: Heavy Periods and Menstrual Cups.

The Takeaway:

These cups are an interesting addition the menstrual cup world and they are certainly unique in that they collapse fully to the size of about three OB tampons. It can be good for someone who wants to carry it with them in their very small purse, or when out backpacking.

However, traditional cups are actually not that big and can also easily be carried with you on the road. For the very expensive price, it doesn’t seem like the Lily Cup Compact menstrual cup is worth it. In addition, there are the insertion and removal difficulties that can come with the extremely soft nature of the cup.

For some advice on choosing the menstrual cup that is right for you, please see: Top 10 Menstrual Cups Brands.

Buy the Lily Cup Compact:

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