Lily Cup Review: Not Recommended!

Lily Cup

A Review of the Lily Cup

The Lily Cup, manufactured in Sweden from the highest quality medical grade silicone has only an average 3.9/5 star rating on Amazon. Compare this to something like the Lena Cup with a 4.7, or the Lunette with a 4.6. It’s one of the most expensive cups or the market, yet people don’t really seem to like it that much!

Women comment that it’s too big and feels uncomfortable once inside them. They also have a hard time getting the Lily Cup to open and pop into place. Considering these factors, it gets a “thumbs-down.” There are certainly better, and cheaper menstrual cups on the market today that you’d do well to consider instead of the Lily Cup.

Two Sizes of Lily Cup:

Lily Cup Small: Hasn’t given birth vaginally (28 ml capacity). 40 mm diameter, 78 mm length.

Lily Cup Large: Has given birth vaginally (32 ml capacity). 44 mm diameter, 78 mm length.

People that Like it are Saying:

“It’s quite easy to insert and remove. Also cleaning is simpler than with the Diva Cup.”

“The Lily Cup is soft and flexible, which I prefer.”

“It’s very soft and does the job well.”

Lily Cup Pros:
  1. It’s very long, making removal very easy. However, it’s not for those with a low-cervix (Try the Femmy Cycle Low Cervix). At 78 mm in length, it’s a full 8-10 mm longer than some of the most popular period cups on the market today.
  2. It’s much softer than other cups like the stiffer Diva Cup or Moon Cup, which can make insertion easier because it folds up much smaller. For those with a small vaginal opening, it can make a nice choice.
  3. It has a unique design which seems effective in preventing leaks (according to the company!)
Lily Cup Cons:
  1. It’s so soft that it can be difficult to get it to fully open once inside of you. If it’s not fully open, it’s extremely prone to leaking.
  2. It’s one of the most expensive period cups you can buy.
  3. Many women reported that since it’s so big and long, it hurts when inside and can cause cramping.
The Takeaway on the Lily Cup:
INTIMINA Lily Cup - Menstrual Cup (Size A)
List Price: $39.95
Price: $39.95
Price Disclaimer

This period cup is very expensive, but it has one of the lowest ratings on Amazon at 3.9/5. There is certainly nothing about it that warrants this higher price and in fact, many women mentioned that it was too soft and too big and felt uncomfortable when inside of them. This is a big thumbs down for us here at Reusable Menstrual Cups!

If you’re looking for a menstrual cup, I’d probably give this one a miss. Instead, check out these Top Five Menstrual Cup Brands for some better, cheaper choices. In some cases, you can get a higher rated one for half the price! A better, more highly rated menstrual cup at a much cheaper price? We’ll take that any day of the week here at this website!

Buy the Lily Cup on Amazon:

If you must, you can get this menstrual cup easily on Amazon.

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  1. Tdj

    This doesn’t make sense. I have searched everywhere looking up reviews on the lily cup and have read constant positive reviews. The only negatives have been in the length of the cup, but intinima had a year ago shortened the larger size to equal that of the smaller size. If your cervix tends to be a bit on the high side, then this isn’t a problem.

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