LolaCup Menstrual Cup Review

LolaCup-Menstrual Cup

The LolaCup Menstrual Cup

The LolaCup has a very high 4.8/5 star rating on Amazon and is made in the USA from the highest-quality, FDA approved medical grade silicone. It’s one of the cheapest cups on the market and certainly one of the cheapest ones manufactured in the USA. The LolaCup Menstrual Cup, a newcomer to the world of feminine hygiene products appears to be quite similar to the Dutchess Cup which also sells two for just under $30.

2 Sizes of LolaCup:

LolaCup Size 1 (small): For those who haven’t given birth vaginally.

Length: 69 mm, diameter: 41 mm, capacity: 23.5 ml

LolaCup Size 2 (large): For those who have given birth vaginally, or for those with really heavy flows.

Length: 76 mm, diameter: 46 mm, capacity: 27 ml

People that Like it are Saying: 

“It’s soft which makes it easy to insert and remove. It’s also cheaper than many of the more popular cups on the market today.”

“I love that I won’t be spending money on pads and tampons any more!”

LolaCup Menstrual Cup Pros:

  1. The price. It’s one of the cheapest period cups available today. This is especially unusual that a cup this cheap is manufactured in the USA and not in China.
  2. The Lola Cup is manufactured in the USA, which is perfect for those who like to shop local.
  3. Although it’s not an FDA approved menstrual cup, it does appear to be made according to the highest quality standards.

LolaCup Menstrual Cup Cons:

  1. The length. At 69 mm and 76 mm, this period cup is unsuitable for those women with a low cervix and if this is your situation, consider the Femmy Cycle Low Cervix model which has some excellent reviews over on Amazon.
  2. Many of the reviews on Amazon are a bit over the top and appear to have been paid for. The 4.8/5 star rating should not be trusted.
  3. The lack of real reviews from those who aren’t happy with the product makes it quite difficult to tell the weaknesses of this cup. As of December 2015, there were only 4-5 star reviews, which is very unusual for a menstrual cup. Even the top rated cups like the Diva Cup and the Moon Cup have their share of unhappy users.
  4. After checking out the LolaCup website thoroughly, as well as reading all the reviews on Amazon, it’s still unclear whether this is a soft, or stiff cup. This basic lack of information is frustrating!
  5. I don’t understand why anyone needs two menstrual cups! A single cup can last you for years and it’s far easier to carry a spare tampon in your purse should you have an emergency than it is to carry around a menstrual cup.
  6. The large has a capacity of 27 ml, while the small is very small at 23.5 ml. This will not make the LolaCup suitable for someone with a heavy flow.

The Takeaway on the Lola Cup:

The LolaCup menstrual cup is still a newcomer and the lack of real reviews on Amazon make it not a great choice. While it certainly does seem like a high-quality cup at an excellent price, it would be wise to wait at least a few months for some negative reviews to come out in order to see the weaknesses. You’d do well to consider some of the older, more established companies like Moon Cup, Lunette, or Diva Cup where you’ll have a better idea of what you’re actually getting.

The other thing we don’t love is the marketing strategy of the LolaCup, along with a few other, newer menstrual cups. Nobody needs two menstrual cups! We wish companies would sell one, at a cheaper price, instead of 2 for around $30.

If you do however like a period cup manufactured in the USA at an excellent price and are willing to give it a chance, you can get it on Amazon:

Lola Cup on Amazon


  1. Lesley

    Hi! I actually just bought the Lola Cup and didn’t know that it was not FDA approved. Hopefully it is still safe. The two pack I bought came with both the size 1 and the size 2, which was the deciding factor for me because I have no idea which size will work best for me. It’s possible that I may start off with the smaller size while I learn how to use a me steal cup then move on to the larger size after I gain experience and confidence. Or not, only time will tell. I love your videos and I’m very thankful that you made them. I hope I can become a menstral cup master someday. 🙂

  2. Erica K.

    I just bought the LolaCup set for myself. The reason why I chose to get two was because I figured that at some point, if or when I have to replace the small one due to body changes, I’ll already have one!

    Details about myself:
    – I’m 25
    – I haven’t given birth
    – I am fairly small and toned down there, but not abnormally so
    – I have no health issues or conditions
    – As of March 2016, this is my first menstrual cup and my first cycle; I’m still figuring it out!

    As far as I can tell, the LolaCup is fairly soft and well made; it isn’t too stiff when I was playing around with it, and it doesn’t feel inflexible or stiff when I try to insert it. I wouldn’t know where it is on the spectrum in comparison to other cups, but I think it would be fair to assign it a medium stiffness until more experienced users can contribute and make a comparison..

    I also wanted to note that while products might not be explicitly listed as an fda approved product, they don’t necessarily test the product before registering it (pretty sure this applies for menstrual cups). I feel confident that any product that uses an approved material (i.e. medical grade silicone) will be safe for personal use. Plus, look at some of the drugs and other things that they have approved… -_- anyways, I just don’t think they can sell it commercially in stores if it’s not registered in their database.

    I hope this comment helps!

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