The Lunette Cup Review: Pros and Cons

Lunette Cup Review

The Lunette Menstrual Cup is one of the highest quality menstrual cups on the market today. It’s manufactured in Finland to the strictest quality standards from medical grade silicone. The Lunette has some excellent reviews on Amazon and if you’re looking for a cup that will work, as well as last you for years, this one should be at the top of your list.

The Lunette Cup is often the first cup that people in Europe buy, and it’s the one that they end up sticking with for the rest of their lives. It feels comfortable, doesn’t leak and is easy to insert and remove. It’s also durable, and will last for years.

We actually can’t say enough good things about this one and it gets a solid two-thumbs up from us here at Reusable Menstrual Cups. It can always be found on our list of the best menstrual cups of the year, and it’s been this way for years! We love menstrual cups made in Europe (as well as North America) because they’re manufactured according to strict stands from top-quality materials.

In terms of quality, this period cup is very similar to the most popular menstrual cups in the world that have been around for decades, including the Diva Cup and the Moon Cup.

Lunette Cup: Doesn’t Leak for Most People

Many people who’ve tried the Diva Cup or the MoonCup and didn’t like them because they leaked, find that the Lunette Cup works really well for them. The stiffness (thinner and more pliable) and design of the LunetteCup is slightly different. For whatever reason, it doesn’t seem to leak as much as some of the other popular cups.

Insertion and removal of the Lunette Cup is reasonably easy for most people as well. This is again due to the stiffness of the cup—not too soft, but not too hard. This company has just got it right. It’s stiff enough that it’ll pop open once inserted into your vaginal canal. But, it’s not so stiff as to create super-suction which makes removal more difficult.

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You Get What you Pay For

Over on Amazon, the Lunette Cup certainly isn’t cheap. However, you get what you pay for! In this case, you get a top-quality menstrual cup, manufactured in Europe that most people seem to really like using. It will last you for years if cared for properly, and it may even be the last menstrual cup you ever buy.

A cup that just works, as well as one that will last for years makes it worth the few extra bucks, hands down. The cheap menstrual cups out of China don’t really work, and if they do, most certainly won’t last for more than a few cycles. Major frustration and struggles await you—these cups are so flimsy that it’s nearly impossible to get them to open. You’ll end up having to buy a new cup anyway, so our advice is to just start with a reputable one from the beginning.

Keep on reading for the full Lunette Cup Review.

Lunette Cup Review on Amazon:

The Lunette Menstrual Cup has a very high 4.5/5 rating on Amazon and people that have tried it seem to love it, saying things like:

“I’m happier with Lunette than the Diva Cup because it doesn’t leak all the time. I think it has something to do with the stiffness of it, but it just seems to suction to my vaginal walls more easily. It’s easy to insert and remove as well, as long as you break the suction seal first.”

“The Lunette is a far superior cup than the Diva Cup and I want to spread the word about it! That’s why I left this review. It’s a bit more expensive, but it’s totally worth it and I’ve been telling all my friends about it. I find the stiffness of it works better for you, and it snaps into place more easily than the Diva Cup.”

“It works well (doesn’t leak!) and is easy to insert and remove. I’d recommend the Lunette to all my friends. It’s one of the most expensive menstrual cups you can buy, but for the quality, it’s worth it. I love that it’s made in Europe too (where I live).”

“I love that the Lunette Cup doesn’t have holes in it. It’s easier to clean than the other ones with holes or ridges.”

Lunette Menstrual Cup Pros:

1. It’s made in Finland of the highest quality, medical-grade silicone. European or North American menstrual cups are usually a far better buy than the cheap menstrual cups made in China, even though they can be double or triple the price. They don’t leak, and will also last far longer due to the high quality materials.

2. The small size Lunette cup is one of the shorter (66mm) and smaller (41 mm) diameter cups among the most popular brands. This means that it can work well for teens, smaller people, those women with a low cervix, or people who’ve never given birth vaginally. See this menstrual cup comparison chart for details.

3. It’s thinner and more pliable than the Diva Cup, which can make it easier to insert and remove as well as prevent leaking. For whatever reason, the Lunette just seems to pop into place and stay there.

4. It’s easy to clean because there’s isn’t anywhere that the fluid can get trapped. Some of the other cups have holes to help with suction, ridges or lines that are a bit difficult to thoroughly clean.

5. There are thousands of reported cases of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) with tampons each year. To date, there has only been one case associated with menstrual cup usage. In terms of this illness, you are far less likely to get it when using a menstrual cup.

6. Although it’s a bit expensive, it can last for up to 10 years. You’ll save money in only a few months by using the Lunette, compared to disposable pads or tampons.

7. It’s an eco-friendly feminine hygiene solution. You can potentially replace thousands or pads or tampons over the course of a lifetime by making the switch to a reusable product.

Buy the Lunette Cup on Amazon Now

If the Lunette menstrual cup sounds like the one for you, you can check out the product description here. Also be sure to check out the Lunette Cup Reviews to see for yourself how happy people are with this top-quality period cup.

The Lunette Menstrual Cup Cons:

1. The capacity of the smaller cup (25ml) is not enough for people with really heavy periodsInstead, we suggest one of these high-capacity menstrual cups that can hold up to 40 ml.

2. Leaks for some people despite trying it for 10+ cycles. This isn’t really a specific difficulty with the Lunette however. It’s probably more a case of choosing the wrong cup for their body type. Even the best-quality period cups don’t work for certain people. See: Menstrual Cup Leaking Help for some tips.

3. Serious suction that makes it uncomfortable to wear and difficult to remove. The flip-side of this serious suction is that it doesn’t leak. A quick tip: when you remove it, don’t just grasp the stem and pull. This won’t break the suction seal. Reach up into your vaginal canal, and grasp the base of the cup itself. Jiggle it around, and break the suction that way first. Then pull it out.

4. It’s more expensive than most of the other menstrual cups on the market.

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How to Clean and Care For the Lunette Cup

Here are a few tips from the company about how to keep your Lunette Cup in tip-top shape for years and years to come:

  • Be sure to wash your hands before inserting or removing a menstrual cup. This will prevent foreign bacteria from getting into your vaginal canal, which can lead to infections.
  • During your period, wash the period cup with warm water and a mild soap whenever you remove it. No harsh, scent-filled soaps or cleansers please! Make sure you wash any soap residue off well—this is an easy way to get things like yeast infections by throwing off the delicate balance of your vaginal canal.
  • Lunette mentions that you should use their special Lunette Feelbetter Menstrual Cup Cleanser to make your cup “squeaky clean,” but in our opinion, it’s probably unnecessary. Most people find that plain old soap and water works quite well.
  • After your period, you can boil in some water on the stove for 5-7 minutes in a deep, wide pot. Keep an eye on it and make sure the cup doesn’t stick to the edges or bottom because this will ruin it.
  • You could also use their special Lunette Cup WipesAgain, we’d mention that these special cup wipes probably aren’t really necessary, but if you have money to burn, why not? They are however, good for when you’re on the road and in public bathrooms where you don’t have easy access to a sink.
  • After your period is done and you’ve disinfected it, store it NOT in an airtight container. This is the worst possible thing you can do to your cup besides it’s a bacteria breeding ground. Menstrual cups like to breathe. Store it in the cloth bag that came with your Lunette, or wrap it loosely in a paper towel and put in a drawer.

Can I use a Lunette Cup with an IUD?

A common question that people have is whether or not they can use a Lunette cup with an IUD. The company says that this is possible and offers the following advice:

  • Ask your doctor to cut the string on your IUD as short as possible.
  • Monitor the length of the strings during your period.
  • If the strings seem longer than normal, your IUD has probably moved. See your doctor if this is the case.

Here’s some general advice about removing your menstrual cup when you’re using an IUD. Be sure to break the seal of your cup before pulling it out of your vaginal canal wall. You can do this by sliding a finger around the base of it and pushing inward. There should be a noticeable difference. Pull out the menstrual cup gently.

If you can’t reach the base of the cup to push it inward, pull gently on the stem while pushing down with the muscles in your pelvis. Do this only until you can grasp the base of the cup. If you pul with the stem the whole way, the suction can pull the IUD out along with the cup.

Sex with the Lunette Cup?

Many people wonder whether or not they can have sex with a menstrual cup, including the Lunette Cup. The answer is that it depends on what kind of sex! A menstrual cup is perfect for anything that’s not penetrative sex. This is because your partner will probably not even know you have your period because there will be nothing sticking out of you like with tampons.

However, a menstrual cup is not suitable for penetrative sex. There simply isn’t enough room in the vaginal canal for everything. Plus the Lunette Cup (along with all menstrual cups) is stiff and it will feel extremely uncomfortable for the receiver, as well as the giver.

Try Instead SoftCups for Period Sex

If you want to have non-messy sex during your period, try a Soft Cup. They are disposable, flat disks that are designed to sit up right under your cervix, unlike the regular menstrual cups which sit lower in the vaginal canal.

We recommend something like the Lunette Cup for everyday use. It’s an eco-friendly, economical option. But, consider having a box of SoftCups in your bathroom cupboard for those times when you want to have during your period.

You can easily get Soft Cups on Amazon:

***Be aware! The Lunette Cup, nor the SoftCup are contraceptive devices. You’ll need to use some other form of protection to prevent pregnancy and/or STI’s.

How Does the Lunette Cup Compare?

If you’re unsure about how to choose between the Lunette Cup and some of the other popular period cups on the market today, we can help you out. See how the Lunette Cup stacks up against the competition with these quick guides:

Lunette Cup vs. Diva Cup

Lunette Cup vs. Moon Cup

Lunette Cup vs. Anigan Evacup

Lunette Cup Review: The Takeaway

If you want a high quality menstrual cup, you can’t go wrong with the Lunette Cup. It’s manufactured in Finland of the highest quality silicone. Lunette is a company who is serious about providing a great product. The smaller size in particular seems to be a great choice for those who’ve tried the smallest size Diva cup but couldn’t get it to not leak because the Lunette cup is more pliable.

Cleaning is easy too because there are no holes or ridges like with some of the other menstrual cups. In general, menstrual cup cleaning isn’t that difficult, but some people find the holes and hollow stem on something like the Diva Cup starts to drive them crazy. If this is you, check out the Lunette instead to keep your sanity!

Expensive, but Worth It

The major drawback of the Lunette Cup is that it’s a bit more expensive than most of the other menstrual cups, and in some cases almost double. However, if you’re looking to buy one cup that will actually work, and last you for years, the Lunette Cup is an obvious choice. There are very, very few unhappy users!

Think about it this way-you probably spend $5-10 per month on tampons and pads. You’ll have your money back in only 4-6 months of using the Lunette, so whether you spend 20 bucks, or 40 bucks, it’s not such a big deal.

Sure, you can spend a year or two buying all the cheap cups and hoping one of them will work for you. But, this is a hassle and will be quite expensive in the end, especially considering shipping costs. Or, you could just start with one of the best menstrual cups that money can buy and be happy with it from the start.

Save yourself time, hassle and money and get yourself the Lunette Cup on Amazon today.

Lunette Menstrual Cup on Amazon:

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