Lunette Cup Wipes Review

A Review of Lunette Cup Wipes


Lunette Cup Wipes are a product from the maker of the popular Lunette Cup designed for women who are on the road. The easiest way to clean a menstrual cup is in a private bathroom with a sink. In this case, you’d simply take out the menstrual cup, dump the fluid into a sink or toilet and then wash it with soap and hot water. Or, you could use a special menstrual cup cleaning solution such as the Diva Wash. 

However, if you’re not in a private bathroom, cleaning a menstrual cup after emptying it becomes much harder. Many women take it out, empty it into the toilet, wipe if off with some tissue and then reinsert it. However, this option isn’t especially sanitary. It is fine to do this for a day however because you can go home at night and wash it thoroughly with clean water then.

The last, and least favourite situation is if you’re away from home for a few days and don’t have access to clean water. This would be the case if you’re camping or traveling perhaps. In this situation, something like the Lunette Cup Wipes make a great option. They’ll help keep your menstrual cup clean and sanitary, minus all the hassle. Keep reading for the full review, or you can get them now on Amazon:


“I think that menstrual cups are such a great option, but one of the main and only complaints that I have is trying to clean them in a public restroom. These wipes are great for discreetly cleaning your menstrual cup. I would highly recommend these to everyone!”

Lunette Cup Wipes

Lunette Cup Wipes Pros:

  • High 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon
  • They come individually wrapped
  • Small enough to fit in your back pocket
  • Clean and sterilize your menstrual cup while away from the bathroom
  • Great for backpacking or traveling to underdeveloped countries
  • Eco-friendly (Bio-degradable and compostable)

“Sometimes it’s not possible to clean your period cup in the sink. These wipes from Lunette are the perfect solution and they also fit easily into your purse.”

Lunette Cup Wipes Cons:

  • For cleaning the cup only, not your body
  • Expensive, at around $1 per wipe

The Takeaway on the Lunette Cup Wipes: 

Lunette Cup Wipes are a great option for those that have to clean their menstrual cup in public bathrooms, or for those who are backpacking or traveling to underdeveloped countries. You are able to keep your menstrual cup clean and sterilized without the use of water. They are also biodegradable and compostable so you don’t have to worry about harming the environment by using them. They come with a very high 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon and almost all ladies who’ve used them are very happy with them.

The main negative about Lunette Cup is the price. At around $1 per wipe, they’re quite expensive. However, if you’re on the go a lot and can’t always get to a private bathroom, these wipes are a nice option and certainly better than using toilet paper from a public bathroom, or, not cleaning your cup all before reinserting it.

You can get these top-quality menstrual cup cleansing wipes on Amazon today:


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