MenstroCup by Femogene: A Review

A Review of the MenstroCup by Femogene


The MenstroCup is a newcomer to the menstrual cup world in 2015 and there currently isn’t a lot of information about it. The biggest question mark that I have is where exactly it is manufactured. The company does not mention this anywhere on their website, or on their Amazon product description. My guess is that it’s made in China and that is why the company does not mention it. This is not to say that it’s a bad, or unsafe product. It does appear to be made from the highest-quality medical grade silicone imported from Germany. But, more information would be required before I would personally buy this product.

While there are a decent number of reviews on Amazon (80+) with an average 4.7/5 star rating, many of the reviews appear to have been paid for, or were in exchange for a free or discounted product. Perhaps a wait and see approach would be best for the Menstrocup.

2 Sizes of MenstroCup:


Small MenstroCup: 

Rim Diameter: 43mm
Body Length: 51mm
Stem Length: 14mm
Total Length Including the Stem: 64mm

Large MenstroCup: 

Rim Diameter: 46mm
Body Length: 54mm
Stem Length: 14mm
Total Length Including the Stem: 68mm

MenstroCup Pros:

  • 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Made from the highest-quality medical grade silicone imported from Germany.
  • Priced at under $20, it’s relatively cheap for a menstrual cup.

MenstroCup Cons:

  • At 20ml capacity for the small, this isn’t really suitable for anyone with more than a light-medium flow.
  • The company says that the small size is suitable for women with a low cervix, but at 64mm, it’s still relatively long. Instead consider the Femmy Cycle Low Cervix (50 mm), or the Meluna (S) (57 mm).
  • It’s unclear where this cup is manufactured.
  • Some reports of leaking, despite following all the instructions.
  • The lack of real reviews on Amazon.

The Takeaway on the MenstroCup by FemoGene:

This menstrual cup is still very new to the scene and there isn’t enough real information about the product, nor are there any real reviews that have not been paid for. It’s best to adopt a wait and see attitude for this one. If you’re looking for some similar products in the same price range that have been around a whole lot longer and have more real reviews on Amazon, consider the following options:

Anigan Evacup

Lena Cup

Athena Cup

You can buy the Menstrocup easily on Amazon:


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