Menstrual Cup Reviews That Prove You Need to Use Them

Menstrual cups are gaining more and more attention in recent years as woman are converting from the tampon club to other alternatives.

Tampons and pads may be the norm for most women, but they have a lot of environmental controversies, can cause potential health problems, and are costly.

The sassy and hilarious book Flow: The Cultural History of Menstruation, states that of women who use tampons and pads, during their lifetime they can expect to throw away an average of 250 to 300 pounds of period-related trash.

Plus, tampon manufacturers aren’t required to list ingredients, so pesticides, bleach, and other harmful chemicals can slide by consumers – not something you would want to put in your body, especially for hours at a time! Not to mention that in extreme cases tampons can cause Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Tampons and pads are all one time use only and most women purchase several boxes a year – the costs add up quick.

Menstrual cups, on the other hand, are made of bacteria resistant silicone, are reusable, and can be worn for up to 12 hours. Here are some excerpts from Amazon menstrual cup reviews.

Menstrual Cup Reviews

You may have seen out post on The Top 10 Menstrual Cups, but in this post, we’re getting into some straight from the user menstrual cup reviews.

84% of customers trust word-of-mouth opinions, so these 3 menstrual cup reviews should help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

1. The Diva Cup

Diva Cup Model 2 Menstrual Cup
List Price: $29.92
Price: $29.92
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The Diva Cup has a 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon US. The top review states:

“First of all, I love it for the fact that it doesn’t have to be changed often. Even on heavier days, I’ve never had the cup overfill in 12 hours. Changing the cup twice a day is awesome.

Buuuut, it will leak if you don’t have it in right. I found the instructions on inserting it to be a little too bland, so let me spice it up for you. After you fold or squish the cup to put it in, you HAVE to make sure it opens back up. It can’t be smooshed. The directions tell you to twirl the base of the cup, but that’s a more complicated move than they make it out to be. So let me offer some advice: you can’t be dainty about touching your lady. You have to reach up in, with, like, two fingers, and maneuver the cup around until it suctions to the walls of your vaginal canal. Tug it down a little to test the suction– you’ll feel it pull a little bit when it’s in right.

One more tip. If the cup seems a bit stiff at first, run it under hot water and smoosh it up for a while. It will get more flexible.

Overall, I think the Diva Cup is awesome and works fine so long as you allow yourself the time to get the hang of getting it in right.

Be prepared to see blood, clots and little tangles of fibers. The human body is both disgusting and fascinating.”

For more details, check out the Full Diva Cup Review.

2. The Anigan EvaCup

The lesser know Anigan EvaCup also has a 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon, but from a smaller group of reviewers than the Diva Cup. The multiple color options are a fun bonus!

Here’s one of the top menstrual cup reviews for the Anigan EvaCup

“I was completely skeptical of this product. I thought for sure it would end in a disgusting bloody mess. But now that I’m on my second cycle using this product I feel as though I can honestly say its life changing.

After you get used to the process of using it, it seems much more sanitary than pads or tampons. It does take a little getting used to getting it in place just right but if you read the instructions it’s pretty easy to figure out. When you fold it to put it in it really isn’t much bigger than a tampon, and very smooth so you feel no discomfort at all. The first day or so of my cycle I’ll change it a few times just because of my own paranoia but the last days of my cycle I can change it in the morning and before bedtime and not have to worry about it in between.

If you don’t have cramps you honestly can just forget you have your period at all. I feel cleaner and fresher. And I love knowing that not only am I saving $15 a month on feminine products, not creating waste or worrying about if I can or can’t flush a tampons or if a pad will stink up the trash, but that I’m also not sticking an over bleached chemical stick in my hooha or worry about giving myself an adult diaper rash with pads.”

For more details, check out the detailed Anigan EvaCup Review here.

3. The Lena Cup

The Lena Cup features cute color choices and a longer stem. Here’s what one reviewer said about the LENA Feminine Hygiene Cup:

“I’m 38 with four children, and this thing has been a miracle for me. This is one of those products that left me wondering why I didn’t know about it sooner. It has exceeded my expectations. In the pictures I posted I compared the two sizes. I prefer the big one, and my 19 year old daughter who just had a baby prefers the smaller one. My sixteen year old daughter can’t use either, but then again, even tampons are uncomfortable for her.

1. It’s much cleaner than a tampon. I was worried about it making a mess, but the “stuff” collects in the cup instead of plugging everything up. When you go to change it, the “stuff” is inside the cup. Nothing oozes out after you take out the cup. I didn’t understand the reviews where people say they change these even in public restrooms. Now I understand. It’s much cleaner.

2. I assumed smell was a normal part of that time of the month. Little did I know it’s tampons and pads that smell.

3. I bleed very heavy on day one, and I had to change it every three hours (vs every hour with a tampon). The other two days I bleed normally, so I only had to change it in the morning and at night. The first day I had one leak until I got the hang of it. After that no leaking at all. I leak constantly with tampons.

4. This particular cup is very well made. They thought of everything. The material is the perfect thickness to easily fold and pop open. The shape fits perfectly, and the grips on the end do make taking it out easier.”

If you need more information, check out our full review of the Lena Cup.

And There You Have It!

Reading these and other menstrual cup reviews may be the push you need to try out a menstrual cup.

It may take an adjustment period (figuratively and literally) to learn how to clean it thoroughly and insert it the right way, but after you get the hang of it, it’s a game changer.

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