Menstrual Cup Reviews: The Top 5

Menstrual Cup Reviews: Find them all Here!

If you’re searching around on the Internet for menstrual cup reviews, you’ve come to the right place. We have all the menstrual cup reviews you could possibly want or need. We’ll give you some links to our reviews of the most popular menstrual cup brands, as well as a few links to resources around the Internet. Or, you can look up in the menu bar under “cups.” Or, the right side of this post on a desktop computer under “menstrual cup reviews.”

Now that that’s out of the day, let’s get to the menstrual cup reviews you want for the five most popular period cups in the world.

Diva Cup Reviews

The DivaCup is the oldest and most established menstrual cup in the world. It’s a top-quality cup made in Canada from medical grade silicone. Lots of women love this cup and for good reason-it’s a great product at a very reasonable price. Plus we love how committed Diva Cup is to top-notch customer service. They really will go out of their way to make any problem right.

Check out the following Diva Cup Reviews:

Our DivaCup Review

Other Diva Cup Reviews from Around the Internet

MoonCup Reviews

The Moon Cup is very similar to the Diva Cup, with the big difference being that it is manufactured in the UK. It’s also a top-quality period cup at a reasonable price. It has a ton of loyal fans too.

Check out the following MoonCup menstrual cup reviews:

Our Moon Cup Review

The Funniest Moon Cup Review Possibly Ever Written!

Lunette Cup Reviews

The Lunette Cup is another great menstrual cup. It’s manufactured in Finland and is a great option if you find that the Diva Cup or the Moon Cup don’t really work for you. Although it’s one of the most expensive menstrual cups, almost all women who try it seem to love it. In our opinion, it’s worth the extra money in a serious way.

An excellent product at a very fair price? We love that here at Reusable Menstrual Cups.

Check out the following Lunette Cup reviews:

Our Lunette Cup Review

Lunette Cup Review from Menstrual Cups Diary

Lena Cup Reviews

The Lena Cup is a bit of a newcomer to the menstrual cup world, but it’s a great product at a very fair price. It’s a few dollars cheaper than the previous three cups we’ve mentioned but this doesn’t mean that it skimps on quality. The Lena Cup is made from top-quality medical grade silicone in the USA.

The reviews on Amazon so far are excellent and we love the slightly different shape compared to some of the other cups. The firmness of this cup is also quite nice-stiff enough to pop open well, but insertion and removal won’t be too difficult.

See a couple Lena Cup menstrual cup reviews here:

Our Lena Cup Review

Lena Cup Review from Dirty Diaper Laundry

Anigan Evacup Reviews

Rounding out our list of menstrual cup reviews is the Anigan EvaCup. It’s another newcomer to the menstrual cup world, but it’s a great addition.

Manufactured in the USA, the Anigan Menstrual Cup comes in a variety of sizes and colors. We love this cup for a whole lot of reasons, including the price. It’s cheaper than any of the other menstrual cups on this list! ¬†Check out our review to find out even more reasons why we love the Anigan Evacup.

Our Anigan EvaCup Review

Anigan EvaCup Review by Emily Reviews

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