Menstrual Cups and IUDs

Menstrual cups and IUDs

Menstrual Cups and IUDs

There are many questions and concerns associated with the usage of period cups with IUDs, as there are concerns over the IUDs dislodging. While a few consider this a risk, experienced medical professionals do agree that usage of menstrual cup does not impact or affect the usage of IUD. Read on to understand the intricacies of using menstrual cups and IUDs at the same time.

Before you use a contraceptive tool such as an IUD along with a menstrual cup, it is ideal for you to discuss this option with your gynaecologist or physician. This is because there are certain precautions or care you must take while using these two together. Listed below are some of them:

Get the basics right with menstrual cups and IUDs

You should remember that menstrual cups are not birth control devices. Therefore, you should not use them in lieu of IUDs. Menstrual cups are solely to be used as feminine hygiene protection and take the place of pads or tampons. See this post for more details about FDA Approved Menstrual Cups.

Have a fair knowledge about IUDs

Having a fair knowledge about IUD placement and where the strings need to be positioned would help you greatly in using a menstrual cup alongside it. Such knowledge will also let you steer clear of pulling out the string of your IUD while removing the cup. However, it is essential for you to read the instructions of both these devices to ensure that each works at its optimum level to give you adequate protection.

Breaking the seal correctly

This is an extremely important step in the removal of menstrual cups. Leading menstrual cup manufacturers provide all details on how the cups have to be pressed in c-shape while inserting and removing them. When you pull out the stem of the cups, you must be very careful not to pull out the IUD string. Basically, you need to break the seal of your menstrual cup before pulling it out with the stem. A menstrual cup should come out easily, without much pulling and straining if you’ve broken the seal correctly.

Proper placement of menstrual cups

There must be adequate space between the menstrual cup and the cervix. Normally, menstrual cups are positioned in the lower region of the vagina, which is away from the cervix. If you already have a low cervix, there may not be enough places for a menstrual cup to be comfortably placed. In such a case, you may not be able to use both these cups and the IUDs simultaneously. It’s something that you’ll need to experiment with and you can also talk to your gynaecologist about.

You could also consider using a menstrual cup designed for those with a low cervix such as the Femmy Cycle Low Cervix Model, or The Meluna Cup Shorty Model.

Using rings?

Even when you are using rings for birth control, it is safe to use menstrual products like period cups. This too requires a good understanding of the usage of both products for you to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Check for IUD/IUS strings:

During the time of disposing cup contents and after each menstrual cycle, make sure your IUD is still in the right position. Most contraceptive products come with detailed instructions on how to handle little accidents (such as tugging at the strings, misplacement etc), using which you can get them back in the right position on your own in most cases without having to go see your doctor.

In a nutshell, as recommended by well-established and experienced brand manufacturers, IUDs are absolutely safe to use along with period cups. The only requirement is to consult your gynaecologist or physician before you opt for these. Also, read instructions with care and understand well on how to use these products simultaneously. The risk of expulsion of IUD is minimal if you have a good understanding of its correct usage along with a menstrual cup.

A Rule of Thumb about Menstrual Cups and IUDs

Perhaps a good rule of thumb would be to use either a menstrual cup or IUD alone for at least a few months until you’re really familiar with it and then add the other one to the mix. Trying to do both at once will likely be quite difficult for most people.

Menstrual cups and IUDs-possible, but you really have to know your body.

Which Menstrual Cup is Right for You?

If you need some help in choosing the menstrual cup that’s right for you, start with these two resources:

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