OTBBA Menstrual Cup Review

A Review of the OTBBA Menstrual Cup

OTBBA Menstrual Cup is a newcomer to the menstrual cup world and there isn’t a whole lot of information about it. What we could find doesn’t lead us to think that it’s a great purchase! It seems to be a cheaply made menstrual cup from China where the materials in the actual product are unknown. At around 2 for $10, the OTBBA menstrual cup is certainly cheap, but that’s about the only thing it has going for it.

2 Kinds of Menstrual Cups

In the world of menstrual cups (period cups or sanitary cups), there are two basics kinds:

What Do You Want in YOUR Body?

Think about it- you’re going to be hosting the period cup inside of your body for up to a week each month. Is this really something you should skimp on? In our opinion, it’s certainly worth spending a few extra bucks to get yourself a top-quality menstrual cup made from the best materials that won’t degrade or leach chemicals. The fit will be better, which will in turn minimize leakage. The best cups are also firm enough so that insertion and removal will be much easier than with the cheap, softer cups.

OTBBA Menstrual Cup Cons:

  • Too cheap-this means corners were cut on materials
  • Poor grammar in the product description
  • No official company website
  • OTBBA also manufactures things like cheap consumer electronics-do you really trust them to make feminine hygiene products?
  • Reviews on Amazon look fake
  • The reviews on Amazon that seem real are all negative
  • Too soft and flimsy
  • No information about the manufacturing process

Spend your Money on a Top-Quality Period Cup

We strongly recommend that you give the OTBBA menstrual cup a miss. It’s a cheap, low-quality product that you likely won’t be happy with. Although you probably won’t experience any negative health effects from it, it’s not something that I’d personally put into my own body. It’s just too risky when it’s unclear what grade of silicone the cup is made from and how it’s manufactured.

In our opinion, you’re far better off spending a bit more money and getting a sanitary cup that you can trust. Some of our favourite menstrual cups that we’ve reviewed and tried for ourselves include the following:

  • The Lena Cup– A newcomer to the menstrual cup world, it’s a bit cheaper than some of the older cups. However, no corners were cut here. The Lena Cup is manufactured in the USA from the highest quality materials. See: Full Lena Cup Review.
  • The Diva Cup– The name DivaCup is almost synonymous with menstrual cups. It’s the most popular menstrual cup in the world and the one to which all others are compared. We love the Diva Cup and strongly recommend this one to our readers. See: Diva-Cup Review.

However, if you must, here is the link to the OTBBA menstrual cup on Amazon:

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