Pixie Menstrual Cup Review


A Review of the Pixie Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cups have gained significantly in popularity in recent years. 10 years ago, there were very few menstrual cups on the market, and choices were limited. The market seemed to be dominated by the big 3-Diva Cup, MoonCup and Lunette.

However, many more period cups are being manufactured these days and your choices are almost limitless. This is probably due to the increasing popularity of menstrual cups. More companies are seeing that it’s worth their time and effort to develop a product in this niche. The Pixie cup is one of one those new cups to appear on the scene in recent years. But, is it a buy? Keep on reading to find one more about the Pixie Menstrual Cup and for our review of this newcomer to the feminine hygiene world.

Pixie Menstrual Cup Review

The Pixie Menstrual Cup is a newcomer to the menstrual cup world and there isn’t a whole lot of information about it. It appears very similar to other cheap cups manufactured in China like the Hengsong Cup or the Vida Cup. This similarity is obvious when looking at pictures of the products side by side.

Longer Stem: Not a Win

The company mentions that the long stem is only available with the Pixie Cup, but this certainly isn’t the case.  There are plenty of other menstrual cups that have longer stems than this normal sized one! See this Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart for sizes of menstrual cups, including total lengths. It’s actually a somewhat bizarre claim from the company and makes us not actually trust anything that they say!

A longer stem, while perhaps making removal slightly easier, isn’t really a huge advantage. Many people will actually find this uncomfortable, especially if they have a low cervix since the stem will stick outside their vaginal canal. And trust us, this isn’t a comfortable thing! Another factor is that the best way to remove a menstrual cup isn’t by grasping the stem. It’s by grasping the base of the cup itself and breaking the suction seal. It seems like the Pixie Cup company doesn’t really have a basic grasp of how a menstrual cup actually works!

100% FDA Approved?

Selling for around $20 on Amazon, the description says that the Pixie Cup is made from 100% FDA approved medical-grade silicone. However, the company doesn’t appear to have a website and there isn’t much information about it on the Internet yet. Any menstrual cup that doesn’t have an official company website is one to be wary of. All of the reputable cups most certainly have websites with plenty of information about their products. It’s a serious red flag that Pixie Cup lacks this.

Review: Over the Top and Fake?

The reviews appear to have been paid for and are a bit over the top. Therefore, the 4.7/5 star rating should perhaps not be trusted. It might be wise to wait another six months to a year until some more of the real reviews start to show up. Our feeling is that they might be less than favourable. Waiting more time will give a more accurate picture of the true quality of the Pixie Cup.

Two Sizes of Pixie Menstrual Cups:

The Pixie Menstrual Cup comes in two sizes: Small (15 ml capacity) and Large (20 ml) capacity. This is less than most of the leading menstrual cup brands such as the Diva Cup, Moon Cup or Lunette Cup which have capacities of around 30 ml. The Pixie Menstrual Cup certainly wouldn’t be good for those with a heavy flow. The average jumbo tampon holds around 15 ml, so with a small Pixie Cup, you lose a big advantage of menstrual cups-that they are less hassle! Most people love menstrual cups because they can use them overnight. Or, they have no hassle about changing them when they’re out and about doing sports or traveling.

Unusually, instead of recommending the small or large cup based on whether or not a woman has given birth vaginally, they instead use “light to normal flow” and “normal to heavy flow.” It’s quite odd, considering all other cups recommend sizing based on vaginal canal size, or a high/low cervix. This doesn’t seem like a company that really knows about women’s health!


The Takeaway on the Pixie Menstrual Cup: 

The Pixie Menstrual Cup is too new to the scene to recommend it one way or the other. It does however seem to be very, very similar to the other cheap menstrual cups that are manufactured out of “100% FDA-approved medical-grade silicone” in China. These cups range in price from about $5 on the low end to $20 on the high end. So at $20, the Pixie Cup could be considered very expensive for a cup that really has very little information about it. It’s also very strange that they recommend the small or large based on flow, and not age, or having given birth vaginally.

Pixie Cup: Not a Win. Consider Other Menstrual Cups

If you’re looking to get your first menstrual cup, you’d do well to consider some of the other options from more reputable companies. They have websites, real reviews up on Amazon and also real information about their products. Here at Reusable Menstrual Cups, we strongly recommend the following menstrual cups. They’re all made by established, reputable companies out of the highest quality medical grade silicone and are also FDA approved.

These more established cups are priced at around $30. For $10 more than the Pixie Cup, you can get something you know will work. Check out some of these top-quality menstrual cups from very reputable companies below. The Diva Cup, Moon Cup and Lunette are the oldest, most reputable menstrual cups money can buy. The Anigan EvaCup and the Lena Cup are a couple newcomers to the scene. However, unlike the Pixie Menstrual Cup, they are of top-quality materials and have excellent designs. They’re also a bit cheaper than the other cups just mentioned.

Get yourself a menstrual cup today:

USA Made: The Lena Cup + The Anigan EvaCup

Canadian Made: The Diva Cup

European Made: The Moon Cup + The Lunette Cup

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