Skinco Menstrual Cup

Top-Quality Menstrual Cups

For years, the only menstrual cups on the market were the ones from reputable companies such as The Diva Cup, MoonCup, and The Lunette Cup. These companies are still around today and selling top-quality period cups made from the highest quality medical grade silicone. They truly are products you can feel safe inserting into your body for up to a week each month. I personally use the Diva Cup and love it.

Cheap Diva Cup Imitations

In the past couple of years, there has been a huge influx of cheap menstrual cups from China on Amazon. Many (most?) of them have fake reviews so appear to be good, but appearances are sometimes deceiving!

These cups are not made of the highest quality medical grade silicone, but instead a very flimsy alternative. This makes them extremely difficult to insert and remove. Insertion is difficult because they won’t pop open and suction properly. Removal is difficult without all the fluid spilling everywhere

Skinco Menstrual Cup

The Skinco Menstrual cup appears to be one of these cheap Diva Cup alternatives out of China. I personally wouldn’t buy it, or insert it into my body (even if given it for free!) for the following reasons.

SkinCo Menstrual Cup: Too Cheap

Priced at around $10 for 2 cups, Skinco Menstrual Cup is simply too cheap. The top quality cups manufactured in North America or Europe are around $30 per single cup. You get what you pay for, and in this case, you get a top-quality feminine hygiene product that does what it says it will do.

Lack of Information

All the more established, top-quality menstrual cups have company websites. On these websites, they talk about the materials they’ve used in manufacturing, country of origin and then also offer warranty/refund information. Skinco Menstrual Cup appears to not have a website and I couldn’t find any information about where it is manufactured.

Fake Reviews for Skinco Menstrual Cup

If you take a look at Amazon, you’ll notice that the reviews for this menstrual cup are pretty decent. However, almost none of the five star ones are verified purchases. This is a sure sign that the company paid for reviews.

Also take a look at the 1-2 star reviews. They are verified, and they are also terrible. People that actually bought this product and tested it think it’s a piece of junk. They say things like:

  • It doesn’t pop open because it’s too flimsy
  • Removal is almost impossible because the stem is stretchy
  • It hurt when inside me
  • I wish I’d bought a decent quality cup instead

Poor Quality of English on Amazon

If you look at the product description on Amazon, you’ll notice that the English is very awkward or just plain wrong. This is a sure sign that it’s not a North America or European made product.

Get a Top Quality Menstrual Cup Instead

If you’re looking for your first menstrual cup, give the Skinco Menstrual Cup a wide berth. It appears to be a very cheap product out of China and there is a huge lack of real information about the product.

Spend a little bit more money and get yourself a great product from a reputable company. The Lena Cup is a recent addition to the menstrual cup world, and it’s very popular for good reason. It fits well, is made in the USA, is reasonably priced and most women who use it seem to love it.

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