The Keeper Menstrual Cup Review: Pros and Cons

A Review of the Keeper Latex Menstrual Cup

The Keeper Menstrual Cup is a bit unusual in that it’s made from latex, unlike most other menstrual cups which are made from medical grade silicone. The big negative with a latex menstrual cup is that some people have an allergy to latex. Another possibility is that they begin to develop a latex allergy after years of using the Keeper Menstrual Cup.

However, it’s not all bad for the Keeper Cup! The very, very good news is that the Keeper will last far longer than the silicone ones, up to 10 years in some cases. Compare this to a normal menstrual cup that you have to replace every 2-3 years.

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One of the other unusual things about the Keeper Cup is how stiff it is, compared to some of the Soft Menstrual Cups. Some people love this. The Keeper Cup pops open very easily once it’s inside of you. However, it does take a while to get the hang of inserting it and making sure that it actually does pop. The fold is key!

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The Keeper Menstrual Cup Reviews

The Keeper has a 4.5/5 rating on Amazon and people are saying things like:

“It lasted for 10 years and is still going strong. It’s super economical when you consider how long lasting it is. Imagine how many tampons and pads I would have used during that period of time. It seems crazy to me!”

“Awesome. It’s easy to insert and remove and it doesn’t leak. I’ve recommended the Keeper Cup to so many of my friends.”

“It’s one of the longer menstrual cups on the market today. This won’t work well if you have a low-medium cervix, but mine is quite high so it’s fine.”

Buy the Keeper Menstrual Cup

The best place to get the Keeper Cup is on Amazon. It’s one of the less popular cups on the market today, so you’ll probably not be able to find it at your local drugstore. Check it out on Amazon today:

2 Sizes of Keeper Menstrual Cup

Size A (large, after-childbirth).

Size B (small, before-childbirth, and for C-section births)

The Keeper Cup Pros

1. Can last way longer than silicone (10+ years is quite normal).

2. Stiff material so pops open more easily than the Diva Cup or the Moon Cup.

3. Very long stem so easy to remove. It can also be cut for comfort.

4. Creates “super-suction” because it’s so stiff, reducing leakage.

5. Easy to clean.

The Keeper Cup Cons

1. Some women are allergic to latex rubber.

2. It’s very stiff, which can make it difficult to insert for some women.

3. At 79 mm, it’s a full 10 mm longer or more than the other popular menstrual cups on the market. This is a big negative if you have a low, or even medium cervix height.

4. One of the smallest capacities of all menstrual cups for the “B” size (pre-childbirth). Not great for those really heavy flow days.

The Takeaway on the Keeper Menstrual Cup:

The Keeper Inc., The Keeper Menstrual Cup, Size A
List Price: $39.99
Price: $26.99
You Save: $13.00
Price Disclaimer

The Keeper menstrual cup is a different kind of cup, unlike many of the newer ones out there (Diva Cup, Moon Cup, Lunette) which are made from silicone and far more flexible. This may suit some women who want something that will just “snap” into place and stay there. However, others may find it uncomfortable and difficult to insert. Although it does have a long stem, some may find it difficult to remove due to the stiffness of it.

It can be an extremely economical choice since it lasts for 10 years or even longer, unlike the silicone cups which start to degrade after even 2 or 3 years.

Get the Keeper Menstrual Cup on Amazon:

The Keeper Menstrual Cup on Amazon

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