SkoonCup Menstrual Cup Review: Is it for you?


A Review of the SkoonCup Menstrual Cup

The SkoonCup is made in the USA from the highest quality medical-grade silicone and is even packaged in environmentally-friendly materials. Over on Amazon, people seem to really love it and the SkoonCup has a 4.6/5 star rating, one of the highest among all period cups. This cup is a bit unique in that it’s made from a single piece of silicone instead of two pieces that are molded together which makes it both easier to clean and more comfortable to wear due to the lack of seams.

Smart manufacturing from a made in the USA product? We love that here at Reusable Menstrual Cups!

Two Sizes of SkoonCups:

Size 1 (small): At only 40 mm long, this is one of the shortest cups on the market and makes an excellent choice for those women with a low or hanging cervix. Compare this to the Moon Cup and the Diva Cup at 71 mm + 70 mm.

The diameter is a also a very small 40 mm which will work well for women under 30 who haven’t given birth vaginally, for teenagers or first-time menstrual cup users. Despite the small size, the capacity is a very decent 23 ml. This will work for people with a light to medium flow. If you have a heavy flow, consider one of these high-capacity menstrual cups.

Size 2 (large): With a capacity of 30 ml, size 2 is suitable for women with a heavy flow and will work well for those over the age of 30 and/or women who’ve given birth vaginally. The length is still very short at 50 mm so it could work well for those women with a low cervix who have a heavier flow and need a bigger capacity menstrual cup.

People that like the SkoonCup are Saying Things Like: 

“It doesn’t leak! I’ve tried lots of other period cups and this is the first one that’s really worked for me.”

“This cups fits well, unlike some of the more popular ones which were horrible for me. It’s just comfortable for whatever reason.”

“It’s more comfortable than the Diva Cup.”

SkoonCup Pros:

  1. The design. This menstrual cup is made from a single piece of silicone which eliminates seams. This makes it more comfortable to wear and also easier to clean.
  2. It’s made in the USA for those who like to shop local.
  3. The small size has a very short length and very small diameter which makes it an excellent choice for teens or those with a low cervix.
  4. The large size also has a relatively small length so it could be a good pick for those women with a low cervix who have a heavier flow.
  5. Excellent user ratings and reviews on Amazon-better than many of the other more popular menstrual cups brands on the market today.

SkoonCup Cons:

  1. The price. It’s one of the more expensive period cups on the market. If you’re looking for a more economical cup, try the Anigan EvaCup or the Dutchess Cup.
  2. Some women found it too difficult to remove because of the very short stem length as well as how flimsy it is. It can be hard to get a solid grip on it. Plus, the ridges around the base are not as defined as on the Diva Cup.
  3. It’s extremely soft and doesn’t pop open easily like the stiffer Moon Cup or Diva Cup.

The Takeaway on the Skoon Cup:

Most people that use the SkoonCup seem extremely happy with it. People report far fewer leaks as well as much greater comfort than with the more traditional Diva Cup. However, the extremely short length combined with lack of solid stem and not well defined ridges on the base can make removal very difficult for some. It’s also quite expensive, coming in at around $40. However, it’s made in the USA and is extremely high-quality, so it’s worth a try.

Where to Buy the SkoonCup

The best place to get the SkoonCup is on Amazon. It’s not one of the most popular menstrual cup brands, so it can be hard to find at the local drugstore or supermarket. Amazon has all the menstrual cups choices, including different brands, sizes, colours, models, etc. Pricing is extremely competitive, but be sure to compare prices among sellers. Shipping is usually free if you’re a member of Amazon prime. Plus, it’s discrete and simple.

Get the SkoonCup on Amazon today:

SkoonCup, Size 1 (small) on Amazon

SkoonCup, Size 2 (large) on Amazon 

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