Why You Should Travel With A Lunette Cup


lunette cupNo matter what you do, you can’t avoid your period. That means making sure you pack more than enough tampons and pads for your travels giving you less room for other much-needed items. It’s tough being a woman!

Not with the Lunette menstrual cup! A menstrual cup that is inserted into the vagina during your period, the lunette cup will not only allow your traveling to be more worry free, but it will improve your everyday life as well!

Travel Friendly

The menstrual cup is amazingly travel-friendly. It comes with a small bag to store the cup when not in use, and barely takes up any room in your luggage! In fact, the pouch it is stored in is small enough to put in your makeup bag.

Plus, with the Lunette menstrual cup (Lunette), there is no frantic worrying over where to find tampons if/when you forget to pack some (and we have all been there). This is especially helpful if your travel destination does not sell tampons anywhere (as I have heard is the case in Asia).

One lunette cup will take care of all menstrual flow needs. No more packing 10 different pads and tampons, just in case your flow adjusts throughout the week. Plus, the Lunette is concealed within a pouch that is discrete, no more embarrassment as you show the security your luggage full of pads and tampons!

Planning on traveling to someplace hot? Pads will get damp and gross after a while of hot weather and tampon strings will get just as gross and wet. The Lunette allows for comfort, regardless of the weather! Additionally, water won’t effect the Lunette either, so feel free to jump into the ocean, even while on your period!

Another bonus– the wash made for the menstrual cup can double as a face wash. Thanks to the wash being both fragrance-free and completely plant-based, the wash can be used on your skin without reservation! Gentle on your menstrual cup, gentle on your body.

Hassle-Free Adventures

The Lunette can be left in for 12 hours. No more need to plan around your period or worrying about plans. We all know that stopping mid-kayak session is not an option. Nor is stopping in the middle of a scuba diving trip on a longtail boat in Thailand.  Menstrual Cups have an average capacity of 30ml. This is double the capacity of most jumbo tampons. Need protection for longer? A period cup wins hands down.

Health Benefits

Made in Finland from medical grade silicone, the Lunette adheres to strict quality standards that make it much safer than the average tampon.

There have been zero cases of Toxic Shock Syndrome reported while using a menstrual cup— that means no more stressing over when you last put in your tampon, or how heavy your flow may be!

Plus, being made from a nonabsorbent material, the Lunette does not cause vaginal dryness but acts as a barrier between the menstrual fluid and the vaginal canal.

The same cannot be said for tampons which are known to disrupt the natural lubrication of the vagina, causing vaginal dryness, and leaving fibers stuck to the vaginal wall even after removal.

Unlike tampons, the Lunette can be left in for up to 12 hours without any risk of infection.

The Lunette Cup is Easy to Use

There may be a bit of a learning curve required, but, thanks to the minimal effort needed and the flexible silicone, the Lunette is pretty easy to use. And, thanks to the hypoallergenic and toxin-free material, even those with sensitivities can be at ease!

Rather than making a pre-birth and post-birth version, as some competitors have, the Lunette comes in two models. There’s one for light to moderate flow, and one for a normal to heavier flow. According to the website, this allows you to choose the best fit for you, at that “precise time in your reproductive life.”

Although the cup is small, it is made to be tough. It is able to hold more liquid than a tampon and only needs to be emptied 2 to 4 times a day, up to 12 hours. After 12 hours it will need to be washed again and the smooth lining of the cup allows for easy and efficient cleaning.

And, without the holes and ridges that other menstrual cups have been known to have, the Lunette prevents leakage.

The website even offers a sizing guide, folding methods, instructions on how to use, and instructions on how to clean.


The tampons and pads you are using are not considered medical necessities and therefore have no regulations that must be met. Because of this, tampons have been found to contain chemicals and pesticides and allow for harmful bacteria to cause Toxic Shock Syndrome.

With the Lunette, there is nothing to worry about! Made from medical grade silicone, the menstrual cup contains no rubber latex (great for those who are allergic) and does not cause or enable health problems like tampons do!

Wallet Friendly

If nothing else convinced you, the fact that this product is money friendly should help to seal the deal! Rather than spending a chunk of your income on disposable products, spend your money on a product that is long-lasting.

Sure the Lunette is a bit pricey, but if you consider the amount of money spent on monthly products and consider the amount of money you would save not buying tampons and/or pads, it is worth it in the long run! Plus, you get what you pay for– a menstrual cup made from high-quality materials and standards.

In fact, the average person purchasing disposable tampons and pads spends anywhere from $48 to $84 every year. That is more than the cost of one Lunette.

And less money spent on toiletries means more money in your pocket for travel and fun!


Thanks to the long-lasting nature of the Lunette cup, there is no excess waste like that seen from tampons and pads. I mean, think about it. How much waste do you throw away each month during your period alone? Way too much.

The menstrual cup changes that! No more plastic or cardboard applicators not getting recycle; no more plastic wrappers getting thrown away. Plus, the wash contains only plant-based products, making it completely eco-friendly too (although you do not have to use the exact wash that Lunette sells, liquid soap that does not contain any coloring agents or perfumes is enough to clean the cup).

The Lunette cup will make your period easier to manage, so you can go out and enjoy the amazing sights the world has to offer without the constant stress.

Buy a Lunette Today

Does a Lunette Menstrual Cup sound like what you need for your journey? It is! Not just for your trip, but for years to come in your normal life too. Once you go menstrual cup, you’ll never go back to pads or tampons. They really are that amazing.

One of the best places to get the Lunette Cup is on Amazon. Click the box below to check it out for yourself:

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