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Vida Cup Pros and Cons: Mostly Cons!

The Vida Cup is another one of those menstrual cups that makes a claim that it is “FDA approved.” While the silicone they use may be, this cup is not (as far as I know) on the list of FDA approved menstrual cups. My guess is that company hopes people will be confused when searching for the very popular, “Diva Cup,” and buy this one as a mistake!

This company does not have a website and so there is very little real information about the Vida Cup with regards to manufacturing process or dimensions/capacity apart from the product description on Amazon. Speaking of the product description-it’s written in very awkward, grammatically incorrect English. It seems like many of the text was “written” by Google Translate. This is clearly not a company that cares about the product they’re offering.

Similar to other Cheap Menstrual Cups

The Vida Menstrual Cup is very similar in price, and design to products like the Blossom menstrual cup and the Athena Cup. It’s not such a stretch to imagine that they were outsourced and produce through similar channels. All three of these menstrual cups have a lot of mystery surrounding them!

Fake Reviews on Amazon?

Although the Vida Cup does have a 4.3/5 star rating on Amazon, this perhaps should not entirely be trusted. It is easy enough to pay for reviews and it appears that many companies in the period cup world are indeed doing this. Many of the reviews of the Vida period cup are over the top and appear to be paid for.

Two Sizes of Vida Cups:

Small: Pre-birth, under 25.

Diameter: 42 mm. Length: 62 mm. Capacity 20 ml.

Large: Post-birth, over 25

Diameter: 45 mm. Length 65 mm. Capacity 25 ml.

One odd thing we found is that the Vida Cup lists their dimensions in cm. This is unlike every other menstrual cup on the market that lists them in mm. They didn’t even care enough about their product to get this right! We’ve translated them for you!

Vida Cup Pros:
  1. The price. It’s cheaper than many of the other period cups on the market today.
  2. It’s manufactured in Germany. It is unclear however whether it’s the entire cup that’s manufactured in Germany, or just the silicone itself. However, it looks exactly like the cheap menstrual cups you can see on Alibaba made in China.
  3. The Amazon rating of 4.3/5 is very good, but it perhaps shouldn’t be entirely trusted. Many reviews seem fake.
Vida Cup Cons:
  1. There is a lack of real information. The company appears to not have an official website.
  2. Some/many of the reviews on Amazon appear to have been paid for and the 4.3 rating is likely not accurate.
  3. There is a money-back guarantee, but I’m not sure how you’d claim this if there isn’t a real company behind this product. It’s not explained clearly on Amazon.
  4. Soft and bendy so it doesn’t snap into place easily. Can make it really difficult to get it to not leak.
  5. It’s clearly a rip-off of the Diva Cup. Get your own name!
  6. The product description on Amazon is riddled with basic grammatical errors. A company that doesn’t care enough to proofread their product description likely doesn’t care about the product they’re selling either.
The Takeaway on the Vida Menstrual Cup: A Miss
Diva Cup 1 Pre Childbirth
List Price: $25.50
Price: $25.50
Price Disclaimer

If you’re going to spend around $20 on a menstrual cup, you’d be far, far better off just spending a few more dollars and getting a period cup from a far more reputable company. Some of the most trusted names in this world are: Diva Cup, Moon Cup, Lunette Cup, and Keeper Cup. These companies have all been around for years and their cups are manufactured in North America or Europe according to the highest quality standards from medical grade silicone (or latex for the Keeper).

All of these companies have websites with real information about manufacturing standards and location as well as about the material that goes into the product. These menstrual cups are clearly a cut above the cheap ones that are mostly manufactured in China. Think about it. You’ll be wearing a menstrual cup in your body for up to one week out of every month. Do you want a cheap product from a company that clearly doesn’t care about you, or your health? Or, do you to spend a few more dollars to get a top-quality product from a reputable company? I would certainly choose the latter and we hope you will too.

Consider the Diva Cup Instead

Our top-rated menstrual cup is the Diva Cup. The Diva Cup is made from top-quality medical grade silicone in Canada. It is the most popular menstrual cup in the world and the one to which all others are compared. People love this thing and for good reason-it’s an excellent product at a very fair price.

Most women find that the Diva Cup is easy to insert and remove, after a bit of a learning curve (same with any menstrual cup). The average women will find that it doesn’t leak, once inserted correctly. It’s also got a nice cloth bag for storage between cycles. Customer service is excellent and they offer some great support if you have any problems with your cup. They really do care about satisfied customers.

Check out the Diva Cup for yourself on Amazon:

Buy the Vida Cup

I can’t recommend that you buy the Vida Cup. Instead, please check out there two resources for help in choosing a safe, reasonably priced cup from a reputable company:

Top 10 Menstrual Cup Brands


  1. Keri James

    I was given a Vida Cup as a gift from my bestie and I think its great. I haven’t had any leakage, the instructions were pretty straight forward and as a cup using novice, I haven’t had any problems using it at all. I’ll totally buy another one if I find I need it.
    The above review is probably a bit harsh in my opinion. Also, if you buy it on Amazon, you just send it back to Amazon (in my experience), hence 100% money back guarantee I guess? And isn’t it illegal to fabricate where a product is manufactured? So I’m guessing it is German manufactured? Just saying…..
    Either way, I’m happy with my Vida Cup 🙂

  2. SinaG

    I agree with the previous comment – I read this review *after* I bought the cup and thought “Great – I wasted my money…” It took me a few days before I got the placement right (wasn’t getting it high enough) and now it works like a charm. I posted an honest and positive review about it on Amazon. I do wish the stem was longer but otherwise it’s a good product (especially for the money) and it works.

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