Zen Gina Menstrual Cup Review

2 Kinds of Menstrual Cups

Before we get into the finer details of the Zen Gina Menstrual Cups, we’ll give a bit of an introduction to menstrual cups in general.
Reputable Cups

In the world of menstrual cups, there are two basic options. The first is the older, more established menstrual cup brands that have been around for years. These cups are usually made in the US, Canada, or Europe from the highest quality medical grade silicone. There are 100+ reviews of these feminine hygiene products. This means that you can be sure of what you’re getting when you purchase them. The established menstrual cups also have company websites, with things like forums, return policies, customer support numbers, etc. Prices are generally in the $20-$40 range.

Some examples of these established period cup companies include the Diva Cup, Lunette Cup, Anigan Evacup, and the MoonCup.

Cheap Cups from China

Let’s talk about the other option for period cups, which are kind of the exact opposite of the first kind we discussed. We’re talking about the very cheap menstrual cups, mostly made in China. By cheap, we mean sometimes as low as $3 or $5! If you find a period cup this cheap, you know that corners have most certainly been cut, especially in the area of materials. Top-quality medical grade silicone isn’t cheap, and you certainly couldn’t manufacture one from it for a price this low. Too good to be true? In this case, yes!

These cheap cups often have very few reviews on Amazon, no company website and also lack basic details on their products such as dimensions, return policy, etc. Should you save a bit of money and get one of these affordable period cups? Find out here: Are Cheap Menstrual Cups a Good Buy?

A couple examples of cheap period cups from China include the Vida Cup (a rip-off of the Diva Cup name), and the Aiwo Cup.

Let’s take a closer look at the Zen Gina Menstrual Cup.

Zen Gina Menstrual Cup Details

This now brings us to the Zen Gina Menstrual Cup, which firmly falls into the “Cheap Menstrual Cup from China” category. In terms of appearance, it looks exactly like the cheap Vida Cup, although it does have a bit higher price point. There is very little real information on the Zen Gina, including no company website apart from some sales pages.

Unlike almost all other menstrual cups on the market today, the Zen Gina Cup has only size, which they claim will work for pre-childbirth, post-childbirth, or virgins. Almost anyone who has used a menstrual cup will know that not all cups, or all sizes will work for every single women! There is a significant difference between women who have given birth vaginally, and those who have not and most menstrual cup companies account for this with two or more sizes (usually small and large).

Although the Amazon description does say that it’s made from medical grade silicone, the lack of other basic information puts this into question. It’s certainly not a product that I’d personally put inside my own body! There are far, far more reputable menstrual cups on the market today from companies that have been around for years.

Zen Gina Cup Pros:

  • The price

Zen Gina Cup Cons:

  • Lack of details about almost everything
  • No company website
  • Manufactured in China
  • Only 1 size
  • Few reviews on Amazon

The Takeaway on the Zen Gina Cup:

If you’re looking for your first, or next menstrual cup, we recommend giving the Zen Gina Menstrual Cup a miss. There just isn’t enough real information about this one for us to even consider recommending it. For something you’re going to put inside of your body for up to a week out of every single month, we’re much happier recommending a cup manufactured in the USA, Canada, or Europe than we are something made in China.

If you’re looking for an affordable cup, we recommend the Anigan EvaCup. It’s made in the USA, cheaper than many of the other high-quality cups, and also has some great reviews on Amazon. It comes in a variety of colours and sizes too! Why shouldn’t feminine hygiene products be fun? Although it’s a relative newcomer to the scene, this is an up and coming menstrual cup that is here to stay.

Check out the popular Anigan EvaCup here:


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