Charlie Banana Reusable Feminine Pads Review

A Review of the Charlie Banana Reusable Feminine Pads

Reusable sanitary pads are cloth pads that can be worn, washed and then reused. The top quality ones last for years and with proper care, staining is minimal. Reusable cloth pads, such as these ones from Charlie Banana make a great choice for a number of reasons:

  • Great for the environment. Disposable sanitary pads and tampons take up a lot of space in our landfills. Reusable feminine hygiene pads are easy on the environment as they can last for years.
  • Cheaper than disposable pads. When you use disposable feminine hygiene products, you keep putting out money each and every single month. However, there is a much cheaper way! A menstrual cup combined with reusable cloth pads are much cheaper over the medium to long term. See: Aren’t Menstrual Cups Expensive?
  • No more allergic reactions. Disposable feminine hygiene products are made with cotton that contains pesticides. The manufacturing process also uses some harsh chemicals and the residue from these processes ends up in the finished product (your pad or tampon!). Organic pads and tampons make a decent choice. However, the best choice is to use cloth menstrual pads and of course, you should wash them first.

For more details about reusable cloth pads, please see: Cloth Menstrual Pads-Top 10 FAQ’s.

An Introduction to Charlie Banana Reusable Cloth Pads:

Charlie Banana makes some very highly rated reusable cloth menstrual pads. Most women who try them seem to like them, and many women like them a lot! When compared to other brands of cloth menstrual pads, these ones are comfortable, stay in place quite well and offer some nice absorbency. They are around $20 for three of them, which is about average in the cloth menstrual pad world.

These cloth menstrual pads are stain free, easy to wash and chemical free. They are naturally super absorbent and also come in a few different colors and sizes (liner-regular-super).

Charlie Banana Reusable Feminine Pads Pros:

  • A nice fit, doesn’t slip around
  • Three sizes and a variety of designs
  • Naturally stain free
  • Super absorbent, with a moisture proof layer
  • Great reviews on Amazon

Charlie Banana Reusable Feminine Pads Cons:

  • Super may not be enough for a heavy overnight flow (consider combining with the Diva Cup).
  • Thicker than some of the other cloth menstrual pads (consider these Dutchess Cloth Menstrual Pads perhaps?)
  • A few stains remained even after washing

The Takeaway on the Charlie Banana Reusable Feminine Pads:

Overall, these cloth menstrual pads from Charlie Banana are a solid buy. They are durable, perform well except overnight for women with extremely heavy flows and are reasonably priced. They also have some great reviews on Amazon and many women commented that they are the best brand of menstrual cups that they’ve ever used.

There are a few negatives such as the staining that can occur with repeated use. However, this is common to all reusable cloth menstrual pads and nothing unique to these ones.

Charlie Banana reusable feminine pads: They get our solid recommendation here at Reusable Menstrual Cups! Great work Charlie Banana and we hope to see more of your products soon.

You can easily get this top-quality cloth menstrual pad on Amazon today:

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